Lena Dunham’s private love advice made public

Just when you thought it was impossible for the very talented Lena Dunham to be amazing at one more thing, the prodigal filmmaker/author/actress has added another line to her resume: Really great friend.

The “Girls” creator is participating in Miranda July’s “We Think Alone” project, in which stars share their private e-mails. For this week’s installment, participants were asked to contribute “an email that gives advice.”

Dunham’s wise words are directed at her friend “K,” who is in what appears to be a troubled relationship.

You did nothing wrong. He is NOT NICE. He says not nice things in a nice voice so they seem nice but they are not. He isn’t kind or careful with you, he wants to suck the kindness out of you, and if he’s like this after 10 years of group therapy then G-d help us all. He’s not for you bc he’s not for anyone. Do you hear me? Good. I understand SO much the appeal, but he’s not worth your energy and someone like art guy may not be perfect or right but he’s starting on a good foot by offering some of himself to you and wanting to give you pleasureful times.

Not exactly the kind of thing you’d hear self-involved Hannah Horvath telling Marnie, is it? And what’s with the G-d spelling? Did Lena go to yeshiva or something?