A Conversation with Dr. Simone – Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine was brilliant reality television.  It was real in the way that a reality show can only be real in the first season.  The show has been picked up for another season, so we will see who comes back.  No matter who returns, it will never be as good as it was when we first met them.  They will change who they are for the cameras and fame, so we’ll get more crap next time round.  It will still be good, just not the same.

One of the stars was Dr. Simone Whitmore.  I blogged about the show for the entire season and spoke with several of the women.  They were all lovely, all had things to share, but Simone is truly one of my favorites.  Not only as a reality personality, but as a person.  We chat on Twitter, she reads my blog, and I think she, along with her husband and kids, are not only good television, but also good people. 

Dr. Simone and I spoke this week and she is hilarious.  I asked her what she thought of the women and she responded with “bitches are crazy”.  It was not said with an ounce of meanness, only truth and laughter.  She is a real woman, with a real job, real opinions, and no fear in sharing them.  She appreciates that she is being judged as a representative for African American women, but she is only concerned with being herself.

Simone is a working mom who happens to be black, not just a black woman on television.  Her goal when deciding to do a reality show was to be authentic.  She knew everyone was going to show a bit of crazy, and wanted to be real and own hers.  She loves her work, loves her husband, and loves her kids.  She is dedicated to all and will not apologize for the love she has for her profession. The show is about moms and wives, not black moms and wives.

I asked Simone how things are with the women now that the season is over no shooting is happening, or even been confirmed, for next year.  She said that after the fight everything changed and they are not a real group of friends.  They all know each other of course, but they are not all friends and she wonders how that will play out on season two.  She likes the women, and appreciates the gifts they bring, but is not friends with all of them.

Simone shared that she auditioned to part of the daytime talk show The Doctors 5 years ago, and when the opportunity for M2M came up, Cecil did not want her to do it.  They have been married for 17 years and have a real partnership, so after discussions as a couple and family, they decided it would be fun.  To hear her speak of her relationship with Cecil is sweet.  She talks about him with respect and says he is the best father in the world.

Important to note that I have a crush on Cecil.  I love how he loves his children and respects his wife.  I love his fully stocked bar, and that he cooks.  In the interest of full disclosure, I have shared my inappropriate feelings for her husband with Simone and have been invited to be a sister wife, if I am willing to do the laundry.  I’m in.  Having seen the bar, I will not only do the laundry, but I will vacuum because we all know I like to drink.

I asked Dr. Simone to tell me three words that best described her ad she chose witty, smart, and motivated.  I would use funny, authentic, and straight. This woman answers questions quickly and with conviction.  There is no need for her to think about a good answer would be, she simply gives her truth. She seems very loyal and trustworthy, which is odd for me to assess after a phone call, but that is the vibe she gives so I’m going to share it.

Simone and Jackie are good fiends.  She met Mariah about 10 years ago and likes her. She thinks Kari constantly saying Americans don’t understand her sense of humor is bullshit and Kari is simply offensive.  She thinks Toya is not malicious, just stupid and immature.  She didn’t mention Quad, or I forgot to ask, but I love Quad and since Simone didn’t make a point of saying anything specific about her, I will assume Simone is cool with Quad.

Simone said she went into the reunion angry and had a little vodka to take the edge off.  I love it that our favorite OBGYN loves herself some vodka. She felt Mariah took things too personally, and that she was not on team Toya.  She was embarrassed by some of the behavior of her costars, but she understood how it got to the place it did, and is proud of how she conducted herself.  She loved the experience and will do it again.

Simone is not on the show to compete against the other women.  She loves her life and is there to share what her life is like, not rip apart anyone else. Dr. Simone is a role model to a lot of women and her race is irrelevant.  She has a successful and loving marriage, an important and stressful job, two young sons, and juggles it all with grace, laughter and class.  Maybe vodka helps, but with or without booze, Dr. Simone is keeping it real.