Sleeping With the Fishes – a Movie

I saw a movie today called “Sleeping With The Fishes” and I wanted write about it because it was really good.  It is a small independent film written by Nicole Gomez Fisher.  In reading about Nicole and the film, it is described as a Latino movie, but I saw it as a Jewish film with Jewish themes.  The family in the film, like Nicole’s, has a Jewish father, a Puerto Rican mother who converts to Judaism, and two sisters.  The mother is hilarious. She raised her kids Jewish, yet prays with rosary beads, and mixes Hebrew and Spanish in a funny and fabulous way, with perfectly placed guilt.

The film stars Gina Rodriguez, who is wonderful, Ana Ortiz, who I have long been a fan of, Priscilla Lopez, who is amazing, Tibor Feldman, who is terrific, and Steven Strait, who I did not know of, but now have a crush on.   The casting really is spot on, and the film is charming and entertaining.  I am not a fan of the title, and think people may skip over it just because of that, but the story is great.  This is Ms. Fisher’s first movie, and not only did she write it, but she directed it also.  She is very talented and I look forward to more from her.  She wrote a movie with real truth.

It is a film about sisters, love, loss, acceptance, insecurity, guilt, family, and being unsure about how to move forward as an adult, when you are under the watchful eye of your parents.  It is also about guilt.  The kind that is placed upon us by our family, but also that we place upon ourselves. As adults we are often guilted into going home, or not coming home often enough, and we must be wise enough to see that going home is a blessing. Sleeping With the Fishes is a funny and touching film about a lovely Jewish/Latino family, and reminds us all to keep the faith.