LeAnn Rimes & Her Lack of Decency

I am often asked why I write about LeAnn Rimes so much, and the explanation is quite simple.  She is fascinating.  She is a woman who behaves badly, then does not seem to understand why people don’t like her.  One could argue she is simply not that bright, and therefore unable to understand why people react the way they do to her madness.  One could also argue she is mentally unstable, and that makes her unaware.

I think it is a mixture of both.  She is uneducated, and having been used as a cash cow since childhood, living in a bubble surrounded by yes men is going to stunt your basic knowledge of how life works and what is decent behavior.  Additionally, being so painfully insecure that you have to steal another woman’s husband, then spend your time trying to become that woman, would indicate there is some kind of mental instability. 

LeAnn Rimes appears to be obsessed with Brandi Glanville. It’s understandable of course.  Brandi was married to her husband, Brandi is taller, thinner, prettier.  LeAnn’s latest album sold less than 12000 copies, while Brandi’s book sold over 200,000 copies.  LeAnn’s husband has a type, that type is Brandi, and no matter how hard LeAnn tries, she will never be Brandi because at her core LeAnn is not a very nice girl.

The hardest thing for LeAnn must be that Brandi has given Eddie the one thing she has not, children.  Brandi is the mother of Eddie’s children, and while I think Eddie is just as vile as LeAnn, he keeps quiet while she is shouting from the mountain.  LeAnn wants us all to know that she is living the dream, her marriage is perfect, and her stepsons are at their happiest when they are on her tour bus.  Well, here we go again people.

The happiest place on earth for those boys is with their mother, so unless that tour bus is parked on Brandi’s driveway and she is in the kitchen whipping up some eggs, that is not the happiest place on earth for those kids. For LeAnn to constantly post pictures of kids that are not hers, commenting about how happy they are, when they clearly do not look happy, is hurtful to the children, their mother, and mostly LeAnn.

LeAnn will never be able to recover from the damage she has done to her reputation.  Her record sales prove that.  Important to note that people cheat all the time and the issue with LeAnn is not that she had an affair or broke up a family.  It happens.  A lot. The issue is how she has handled it, how she continues to flaunt it, and how she uses the children to hurt a woman whose life she ripped apart. LeAnn lacks decency.

Listen, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and I am certain there is blame to be placed on all parties involved, but what we do know is what LeAnn tells us.  Eddie is silent, Brandi reacts to what LeAnn puts out there, but LeAnn is the one setting the tone and sharing her insanity with the world.  She gets mad people judge her without knowing her, yet she is the one who puts it out there to be judged.  She is fascinating.

That this woman is still relevant is interesting.  She pays a lot of money and spends a lot of time keeping her name in the news, so I guess it is working for her.  I’m not sure why she continues to pay people to tweet for her, take her picture, and write about her, when all it does is make people hate her. Bless her.   She may think it is a good thing, but time will show the mess she has created and she will have nobody to blame but herself.

Those kids will grow up and choose to not spend time with her, as opposed to having to now.  Kids are smart, and there is a bond between mothers and sons that is magic.  Those boys will be fine, Brandi will be fine, Eddie will move onto another whore, and LeAnn will be alone.  That is how Karma works. Think what you want about Rimes, you must also feel sorry for her because nobody loves her enough to help her, only take her money.

LeAnn reads all my blogs, as does her attorney.  They are not too thrilled with me and while she denies reading, she likes to tweet about my blogs and my tweets, and me. What she fails to understand is that I write about her because she asks me to.  Everyone writes about her because she asks us to.  The difference is that she pays others to write what she asks, and she sues those who speak unflattering of her.  That’s how she rolls.

From her lawsuit against Kim Smiley, to the countless cease and desist letters and threatening phone calls her lawyer and publicist make to bloggers and tweeters, they work hard to get people to shut up.  They even called Jonathan Jaxson and asked him to recall his book and remove mention of her.  You have to laugh at how much money she spends, when the only result is people thinking she is crazier than they even imagined.

LeAnn’s posting of pics on the 4th of July of her step-kids, and declaration of their happiness, is what made me write this blog. Her tipping off of Radar Online with imagined stories is not even worth mentioning because those who follow her know what the truth is.  I will continue to write about LeAnn for as long as she asks me to.  What is the difference between me and everyone else writing about her?  I’m keeping it real.