Jonathan Jaxson Talks LeAnn Rimes & More

To tell you the truth, I had no idea who Jonathan Jaxson was until people started to write that I should interview him.  I watch a lot of reality TV, and like to think I’m up to date on pop culture, but I am not much of a gossip person, and don’t read gossip magazines or tabloids. You are more likely to find me reading the bible than People, so I was not only unsure of who he was, but had no idea what his book was about, so I checked him out.

Jaxson is an interesting man, has led a fascinating life, and the truth is that the least interesting part of his story is the Hollywood portion.  He has overcome adversity and pain in a powerful way. His stories are good, especially when it comes to LeAnn Rimes, but as a human being he is complex and I found myself caring about him as we spoke.  He is a young man finding his way, and his gifts to the world will not be about celebrity.

We’ll circle back to LeAnn, but let’s first talk about Jonathan.  At 17 he was the tour manager for The Backstreet Boys.  My son is 17 and so I cannot wrap my head around him travelling the world on his own with a band. Jonathan came from humble beginnings and was raised by a mother who struggled to take of not only her children, but herself.  It was a sad and lonely childhood where escape was achieved through television.

Jonathan’s mother was abused by men, in front of her children, and also did drugs in front of her kids.  It resulted in scars on his heart, but also stopped him from drinking or doing drugs himself.  He has never used drugs, does not drink, and has an unwavering support and love for his mother. To hear him speak of her, knowing what his childhood was like, is a testament to who he is a human being, and that at her core, her heart was good.

As a single mother myself, I often wonder what my son will think when he looks back on his childhood.  I do the best I can, and there are days when I know it is not enough, and other times when I wonder if he appreciates the sacrifices that have been made. In hearing Jonathan reflect on his childhood, and speak of wanting to take care of his mother now, I am reminded of the remarkable love between a mother and her son.

Jonathan’s book talks of the struggles he faced, and he went back and forth with his mother about what to include.  In the end he felt that if his story could help one person find their way, he would share it all.  He is honest, raw, uncensored, and aware when he speaks of his life.  He is a man of faith who is trying to start over, make a fresh start, accept his past, and embrace his history, all while dealing with the demons that come with anxiety.

Jonathan referred to me as Ma’am several times during our chat.  He is soft spoken and kind.  He spoke of wanting to be a dad, how proud of his family he is, and how proud he is to be a successful gay man.  When he talks about himself he is brave, but when he talks of his life as a publicist, there is almost disbelief at the life that he led, and the things he did.  There is a very dark side to the world of celebrity publicity and he has seen it and lived it.

He is unapologetic for what he did because it was his job, but there are certainly things he sees differently now that he is out of that world. One of the biggest changes of opinion is in terms of LeAnn Rimes.  I write about LeAnn a lot, and that is why so many of my readers wanted me to speak with Jonathan.  He speaks of her very briefly in his book, but we actually spoke of her quite a bit.  I don’t like LeAnn Rimes.

I think she is spiteful, mean, and frankly quite stupid.  I write about her often because I am confused by the fact that nobody else wants to write about the truly horrible things that she does.  She is a spoiled woman who buys her fame, buys her press, and feels no remorse or guilt for her unstable behavior.  This woman is mentally unstable and there were things Jaxson said that assured me my opinions are justified.

LeAnn Rimes has changed a lot since Jaxson met her.  It is all hearsay of course as I have never met her, but Jaxson and I spoke of Rimes having a drinking problem, and a laxative addiction. She is also manipulated by her douchebag husband, and I find myself feeling sorry for her.  As women we often change who we are for the men we love.  We’ve all done it. The difference is that we are not all whores who steal our men.

LeAnn spoke a lot of crap about Brandi Glanville to Jonathan and he actually feels bad that he bought into so many of the things he was told.  LeAnn is obsessed with Brandi, and the truth is that Eddie is no angel here.  He encourages her to look like Brandi.  From the fake boobs, to the weight loss, to the clothes, Eddie has a type and that type is Brandi, so if LeAnn wants Eddie, she needs to be Brandi.  It is all very sad.

Jaxson said he’d like to apologize to Brandi, which while lovely, does not matter.  People are going think what they want about him, and there is a perception that he is a liar and not to be trusted.  It was his job to lie, and the only people who needed to trust him were his clients, so time will turn that around. I don’t know Jonathan, have not yet read his book, spoke to him with no agenda or expectations, and I liked him.

This is a wounded but brave man who had enough of the life he was living, is taking all the lessons of his crazy public life, and learning from them.  He is a master at publicity and to have achieved what he did, at the level and speed in which he did, is impressive.  He got screwed over by a lot of people who value fame over decency, but that is the nature of the beast and it is what he does now what will be the legacy he leaves of himself.

I asked Jonathan to describe himself in three words or phrases and he chose enjoying life, loving people, and not needing attention.  I asked how he would have described himself when he was a publicist, and he chose fame hungry, money hungry, and careful.  He’s come a long way and it will be interesting to see what he does with the next phase of his life.  He is essentially starting over at 30, which is scary, but a blessing.

Jonathan Jaxson is very interesting and I look forward to reading his book. LeAnn Rimes is an idiot and I will never read her book, which she will never write because I think she may be illiterate.  Some will say I am too harsh on Ms. Rimes, and others will say I am being sucked in by Mr. Jaxson.  Who cares? At the end of the day this blog is my truth and I really liked him. Think what you want, Jonathan Jaxson is tryng to keep it real.

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