LeAnn Rimes, Darrell Brown & the Failure of Spitfire

LeAnn Rimes is suing Kim Smiley and her daughter for taping a phone conversation, which is against the law in California.  The truth is that a lot of people don’t know about the lawsuit because LeAnn won’t talk about it, and did not do any interviews where it was allowed to be discussed.  Radar Online has mentioned it a few times, under the banner of an “exclusive”, but they are driven by gossip, and while they have contacted me to see what I know, they have not written on the subject with any level of fairness.

Twenty days ago the case was submitted to the court, the judge threw the case out as it was presented, and gave LeAnn and her attorney 20 days to re-file the corrected paperwork.  That twenty day mark has now come and gone.  I understand that an extension of some kind has been filed, and that Ms. Rimes is continuing with the lawsuit.  Bless her.  One really must wonder how it is that this woman has so much time on her hands that she can devote her time, money and energy to hurting a complete stranger.

LeAnn has no job, and no kids.  She does not appear to spend time shopping for stylish clothes, or seem particularly focused on taking care of her hair, so I guess it makes sense that she has a lot of time on her hands.  Darrell Brown is her producer, who once wrote that my blogs about LeAnn treated her in the same way Jews were treated during the Holocaust.  I laugh every time I think about the comparison.  Darrell Brown is a strange man on a regular day, but this week he has taken on a whole new crazy.

On Monday I tweeted that the epic failure of LeAnn’s album Spitfire was interesting because while the girl can sing, it failed because of who she is as a person, not a singer.  Within hours of that tweet, I started to get messages from my followers that they were being contacted and threatened by Darrell Brown.  Apparently you are not allowed to say anything bad about the failure of the record, or he will sue you.  LeAnn and Darrell really like to sue people I guess, because I heard from a lot of people.

The fact is that Spitfire has sold less than 12K copies.  LeAnn did a huge media push, appearing anywhere and everywhere, and they still could not sell it.  People are not buying the record because they don’t like LeAnn Rimes as a human being.  Her behavior is offensive to women.  She is a woman who cheated on her husband, slept with a married man, and blurs all lines of decency when it comes to being a stepparent.  LeAnn Rimes is simply unappealing, and her lawsuit against Kim makes it even worse.

Nobody knows or cares who Darrell Brown is, yet he thinks we do.  He is now threatening people with lawsuits for simply having an opinion.  It is fascinating to me that people pay him any attention, but I understand that they are scared.  When you are simply hanging out on social media, sharing your opinions and having fun, then get a letter that is legal and intimidating, and you are just a regular person, it is going to freak you out.  I was certainly freaked out the first time LeAnn and Darrell wrote me.

My fear quickly turned to disbelief, and has now settled into a place where I laugh at it.  LeAnn Rimes and Darrell Brown are bullies who are trying to intimidate people.  It is sad, stupid, and pisses me off that nobody wants to talk about it.  Every media outlet talks about how Spitfire is so critically acclaimed, but nobody talks about the fact that nobody bought it, and a month after it came out, it is in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart.  Why is everyone afraid to speak the truth?

Why is it okay for Darrell Brown and LeAnn Rimes to scare people? Why is she spending hundreds of thousands of dollars suing a special education teacher and her daughter, when she could do repair to her soul and reputation by spending the money on rebuilding a school in Oklahoma? Or fighting for the rights of women in Texas?  What is wrong with these people that they can be so clueless as to what is really important? LeAnn and Darrell are twisted and they need to stop.

I feel sad for the people getting contacted by Darrell.  I feel sad for the people being attacked by LeAnn.  I feel bad for Kim Smiley and her daughter that they are continuing to deal with the nightmare of a lawsuit.  I feel blessed to work for a website that allows my voice to be heard and is not intimidated by people trying to scare with the law. It is time for Darrell and LeAnn to get a grip on reality and understand that what they are doing hurts many, especially the two of them.

Spitfire tanked.  It is a fact, and no matter how many legal letters you send out to say it did not, it did.  LeAnn has a PR problem.  It is a fact, and no matter how many legal letters you send out to say she does not, she does.  I am a writer, and this is America, so I am going to continue to share my opinion, and I will be supported by not only my employer, but my government. No matter how many legal letters they send, that won’t change. LeAnn and Darrell need to grow up, move on, and start keeping it real.