Happy Birthday Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow turns 70 day.  Happy Birthday Mr. Manilow.  Last night I went to see him perform in Los Angeles at The Greek Theater, and he was fantastic.  I couldn’t tell if he was actually singing through the whole thing, but the slight delay in his voice matching the music would indicate he was not. He is nipped and tucked in a rather unfortunate way, but he is divine. He had a lot of make-up on, and there were a couple of times I thought he might break a hip, but make no mistake about it, this man and still sing, and he is a remarkable showman who gave us a remarkable show.

Barry was funny and charming, told stories, and engaged the audience in a way that made us feel like he was talking to each one of us personally. My favorite part was when he sang Mandy.  They showed a video of himself in his 20’s singing at a piano, then he came out and did a duet with himself.  It gave me goose bumps, and yes, I cried.  As he went though his songs I was amazed that I knew all the words and sang along to songs I have not heard in a long time, but are forever etched into my memory. Barry Manilow is a genius, and it is hard to believe he is 70 years old.

The audience was young and old, gay and straight, and gay.  Everyone shared love for a man who has been part of our lives forever. Barry spoke of how music and arts in his public school helped to shape who he was, and about his charity, http://www.manilowmusicproject.org, which helps bring instruments to schools in need.  Last night was amazing, Barry Manilow is amazing, and I have amazing memories connected to this man and his music. As I sang along I took a trip through my own life, and was reminded that Mr. Barry Manilow has helped me to keep the faith.