Wendy Williams + LeAnn Rimes = Epic Fail

I love Wendy Williams.  I think she is funny, smart, outspoken, brave, open, and talented.  I once wrote a blog about how great I thought she was, which she read, and when she came to LA for a promo tour, she invited me to say hello.  I went to meet her and she was really quite fabulous.  She is very pretty in person, very tall, and very warm.  She talks to you, makes eye contact when you speak, and was just an all around great lady.

I respect her because she is not afraid. Much like me, she says what she thinks and does not worry about what the fall out will be.  If it is her truth, she shares it.  If her opinion changes, she will say why and move on.  With all the pathetic press that LeAnn Rimes is doing for her horrible record, and all the entertainment reporters she is paying to talk to her without asking any important questions, I was excited for her to talk to Wendy.

There are so many things we just don’t understand about LeAnn, that my feeling was finally we would get some answers through Wendy.  If anyone was going to not be afraid and ask her what we wanted to know, it would be the divine Ms. Wendy Williams.  Well, not so much.  LeAnn was on Wendy’s show last week and it was an epic failure.  LeAnn was a snake and Wendy was weak.  A truly disappointing effort from the Queen.

She did not ask her anything important, or that had not been asked already. It was clearly scripted, and while I understand Wendy may have had her hands tied, she should have stayed true to herself and had LeAnn walk off angry instead of sucking up to her.  LeAnn came out and immediately cleaned her teeth with her tongue, wearing a hideous outfit, and talked about her being attracted to Eddie’s hands.  LeAnn Rimes is a home wrecker.

Wendy is better than this.  She asked the fluff questions about trust and I actually laughed at her.  LeAnn is scripted and at the exact same time pulling lies out of her ass.  Wendy called her “kiddo”, kissed her ass, and it was just stupid.  Wendy asked her about rehab twice and LeAnn skirted it.  There is no talk of Twitter, the lawsuit against Kim Smiley, her bullying of bloggers, or anything that actually matters.  LeAnn Rimes is wasting our time.

We knew that going in, but sadly we learned Wendy is not the Queen.  She has changed how I view her, and while I completely understand how the games works, she should have been more Wendy and less sell out.  Wendy should have asked about her Twitter and lawsuit obsession, and had her refuse to answer it, then move on, but to not ask it at all was an epic fail. Sadly, Wendy Williams was unable and unwilling to keep it real.