LeAnn Rimes Lawsuit Against Teacher Thrown Out

I am happy to be the very first person to share with you all that the lawsuit LeAnn Rimes filed against Kim and Lexi Smiley has been thrown out, and LeAnn has 20 days to re-file should she want to continue with the case. I hope someone who truly cares about Ms. Rimes will advise her to save her money and walk away, as no good will come from re-filing.

While it is far from over, this is a huge victory for the Smiley family. Kim and Lexi have been gracious, kind, loving, and united during the nightmare of this situation. I have spoken with them, donated to their legal fund, followed them on Twitter, and have gained admiration for them as women, and respect for the countless strangers who support them.

I have written about LeAnn Rimes and this lawsuit a lot in recent weeks and I know LeAnn reads my blogs. She occasionally talks about them, and me, on Twitter, and I know she will see this, so please allow me to address her directly.  

Ms. Rimes, 

I think you are a beautiful singer and while I will not buy your new record, I crank up your old ones when they come on my radio and sing along. Your entire life has led to this moment and how you move forward from here will define who you are as an adult. You can choose to be kind and decent, which will change the legacy you are creating for yourself.

There will always be haters, and people who will not forget or forgive the path you took to reach love, but I can speak for myself when I tell you I will change my opinion. I will respect your choice to stop the madness, and ultimately respect you for putting your ego and pride away, making a conscious decision to be decent, and give peace to a family.

Nobody can say for certain whether you will win the case or not, and while I don't think you will win, what is certain, is continuing will financially devistate a family and that is not right.  This remarkable family has dedicated themselves to helping special needs children and to put that in jeopardy because you are blessed financially, is mean spirited and selfish.

I am a woman of faith and I believe in God. My God does not judge, shun, or hold a grudge. My God forgives, embraces, and offers light down a better path. Instead of listening to your lawyer, who is laughing all the way to the bank, listen to your heart, your faith, your past, and the part of your self that is tired and ready to stop fighting a silly battle.

There are no guarantees in life, and most things are out of our control, but being kind is something we have complete power over. I am learning this lesson myself, and it is hard. I like a good battle, and I will always fight for my voice to be heard, but sometimes the most powerful change comes when we stop screaming to be heard, and instead listen quietly.

Human beings can be mean to each other. Women in particular can be vicious to each other. LeAnn, walking away from the lawsuit may not change anything in terms of how you are perceived, but as the Talmud teaches, when you save one life it is as if you saved the entire world, so stopping the case saves Kim Smiley, which saves her world.

You have 20 days to decide what what you want to do and I hope you do the right thing. It is time to stop telling us how great your life is, and start living a great life without this cloud hanging over your head.  LeAnn, as a woman, a mother, and someone searching for her own great love, listen to me. Be brave, be strong, walk away, and keep the faith.