Happy Mother’s Day by Guest Blogger, My Son

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am submitting my mother's blog and would like to give 17 reasons as to why my Mother is the best, on account of the fact that is how many Mother’s Days she has had.

1. She is extremely uplifting. She tells me how proud she is of me, and how incredible my jeans make my butt look.

2. She is very attractive, commonly referred to as a M.I.L.T.T.T.D. (A Mother I’d Like To Take To Dinner)

3. She is quite humorous. She understands 60% of my jokes, which is 30% more than the average Canadian.

4. She doesn’t fully understand how to work technology. This is good because it makes me feel intelligent when she comes to me for help.

5. She is Canadian. Canadian’s are usually kinder and more well rounded than most Americans.

6. She is Jewish. This is fairly self-explanatory.

7. She appreciates the things I love. This doesn’t mean my Mother is a die hard Lord of the Rings fan, but she doesn’t judge the fact that I am.

8. She introduced me to the film “Love Actually”. This is a simply incredible film that I never would have seen if it weren’t for her.

9. She likes my cat. There is just something very endearing about your mother stroking your cat.

10. She likes my friends and my friends like her. Unfortunately, the downside is that my friends would rather hang out with her than me.

11. She is very good at cooking. Whether it be pasta, soup, or steak, I always walk away from the table feeling like the twice the man I was when I got there. Both metaphorically and literally.

12. She supports me in all of my endeavors. She has always told me to follow my dreams, and because of that, I am happier than ever.

13. She’s always willing to help. Everything from school functions, to my homework. (Not the kitty litter. I never get help with the kitty litter.)

14. She is short. This makes me feel much taller and stronger than I actually am.

15. She doesn’t like loud music. This aggravates me a lot now, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate it for some reason later in my life.

16. She has raised me to be Jewish. I’m becoming more grateful for this every single day.

17. Finally, my Mother has raised me to be me. She has never told me to be anyone different. She has been kind and helpful and supportive through thick and thin. Not all kids are lucky enough to have that.

I love you so much Mum.

You are a truly remarkable human being.

Happy Mothers Day!

Love, Snickerdoodle