Happy “Mutha” Day LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes and I have an interesting relationship.  I like to write about how odd I think she is, and she likes to write about what a bad Jew I am.  I like to marvel at her fashion choices, and she likes to have her publicist write letters to my editor.  I am constantly amazed by how inappropriate she is, and she likes to find new ways to be inappropriate.  

As Mother’s Day approaches I find myself thinking about LeAnn and wondering what she will do to make herself relevant on a day when she is irrelevant.  She is not a mother.  She is however a mutha, so she will Tweet something insane about how blessed she is to have two such beautiful young boys in her life.  Bless her.  She will give me a laugh, and a headache, on Mother’s Day.

I believe that you don’t have to give birth to your child to be their mother. I feel the role of a stepmother is an important one to be respected. That said, respect is earned and a woman who is going to be a stepmother needs to know her place and not think for one moment she is the mother to those children.  Important to be sure, but not the mother.

My son has a stepmom and she loves him.  She has been in his life for a long time.  Years ago when she met my son, she made LeAnn look like an amateur. She crossed lines of decency and appropriateness that I still marvel at all these years later.  She loves my son, but her choices made it impossible for me to love her, and those feelings remain a decade later.

LeAnn Rimes is going to wake up one day and realize that these two young boys don’t like her.  It will be a subtle change, and one she will not really understand until it is too late.  My son is 17 years old and when he looks back on the past decade he has a clear picture of his stepmom and she did it all on her own.  You can’t be respected as a mother figure, if you bash the mother.

LeAnn Rimes is a talented singer and to be fair, I have never met her. However, I am basing my opinion of her on what she has said.  This chick does not know how to be quiet.  She also does not have the ability to surround herself with people who want to help and protect her.  Instead she pays people to say and do what she wants, but what she wants is ridiculous.

At the end of the day, that is LeAnn’s problem.  She is not particularly bright, which has nothing to do with her lack of education, but rather her lack of decency.  She does not respect her stepchildren, or their mother, and in doing so, does not respect her husband.  He’s a piece of crap, cheating, douchebag, but still, she does not respect him or his beautiful children.

LeAnn Rimes is fascinating.  She has the ability to change our opinion of her, yet she does not seem to care.  Well, of course she cares or she wouldn’t have her publicist write my boss to get me fired, so perhaps rather than not caring, she simply does not understand.  This young girl, both in age and maturity, needs someone to help her because she is clearly drowning.

Her album is tanking, she humiliates herself on Twitter, she cannot sell a reality show about her life, and she spends a lot of her time trying to hurt people.  It must be exhausting to live your life with so many people watching and judging, but the real stress comes from knowing you could change it, but are too selfish and ego driven to do the right thing.

To all the stepmothers who love the children in their lives, I suggest you reach out to the mother of your husband’s children and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day. To be given the blessing of helping to raise a child is something to be grateful for, and thanks need to go to the person who made that possible for you.  Respect the mothers of the kids you love.

To LeAnn Rimes, I can forgive you for being ridiculous because you have had nobody in your life to teach you right from wrong.  I cannot forgive you however for making the conscious decision to be mean.  You lack common decency and that is haunting you now.  If anyone in your paid inner circle cared about you, they would start telling you the truth.

Being a stepmother is important.  You are helping to raise children and your opinions matter.  I am blessed my son’s stepmother loves him.  She has missed out on a much fuller life however, but not respecting me.  Some women will never learn, and that is a shame. Happy Mutha Day LeAnn. Time to dial back on the crazy and focus on keeping it real.