A Conversation with Mariah Huq – Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine, like all reality shows about women, has polarized the fans into groups who support different teams.  It is the nature of the beast, and in the interest of full discloser, I will tell you that I am on Team Mariah. I think she is fabulously entertaining, inherently kind, and this blog is about her and our conversation about the show, so know that love will be shown.

Married to Medicine is a show that was created by Mariah and she pitched it for almost 5 years before it was made. She was an accomplished news anchor and journalist who chose to change career paths, and transitioned into medical and pharmaceutical sales. She met her husband Aiden when he approached her at a restaurant in Atlanta.  They are an interesting couple.

They are different faiths, but pray to one God, and are raising their children with the teachings of both. Aiden is a Muslim, and Mariah a Christian.  Her views on faith align very closely to mine and I have respect for her views on religion.  She does not judge, does not tolerate ignorance, and does worry about what ignorant people think.

Married to Medicine was to be a show about the sacrifices and challenges of women who are married to doctors, but it all took a turn when the fight happened at Aiden and Duncan’s birthday party.  Mariah is mortified by what went down, but she owns it, and while she may do things differently given the chance, her emotions would be the same.  Don’t mess with her kids.

Mariah was pushed to her breaking point when Toya crossed a line in terms of her daughter Lauren.  Aiden raised Lauren from the time she was 1, and he is her father.  While the little girl knew what adoption was, she did not know that Aiden was not her biological father.  She does not watch the show, but other kids do, and this little girl was hurt by trashy Toya.

Toya is a wretched bitch in my opinion, and for her to purposely hurt a child is unfathomable to me.  Mariah told me everyone knew, before shooting began, that she would talk about anything and everything, but the topic of Lauren was off limits.  She and Aiden had a plan and schedule of how to share the news with their daughter and Toya opted to handle it.

The fight, while ill timed, was bound to happen and if it were me, there would have been a few teeth flying out of Toya’s mouth.  Aiden was shocked by Mariah’s actions and held her accountable for her behavior, but also understood the reason it went there.  It is a shame that this wonderful family will forever be remembered for this mess, not how loving they are.

It is interesting to me that the women in the group have all picked a side, and most are aligning with Toya.  Considering that Mariah is essentially their boss, I would have maybe rethought their choices.  Dr. Jackie tried to talk to Mariah, but really?  She did not have all the information, and was already siding wtih Toya, so it made no sense for her to talk to Mariah.

Everyone is going out of their way to villainize Mariah and that is unfortunate. Even Quad, who is her best friend, invited Toya to the dog party, which I thought was inappropriate.  She didn’t even make a donation.  I wonder how this show will move on to season two when they can’t stand each other.  This might be the quickest train wreck in reality history.

Mariah has regret about what happened, but believes that everything happens for a reason. She is rock solid with Aiden, learned who her friends are, and is helping Lauren understand her history and embracing it as a story of love, not a shameful secret. The show may not be what she thought it would be, but it is certainly a hit, insanely entertaining, and very popular.

Their lives look privileged, but we don’t know how hard it was to get there, or how hard it is to stay there.  Mariah worked tirelessly to support her family during Aiden’s residency.  She is still alone a lot of the time as he works in the ER. She blames herself for the turn the show took, but she feels confident that can all regroup and get back on track.

Mariah is very open to talk to.  She is fun and funny, but clearly hurt by what has happened.  She is a woman of integrity, and the fight will not change that.  She is living her best life, being the best mom and wife she can be, and is proud of what she has accomplished. She has made things happen for herself and is happy with her family and their achievements.

In terms of Toya, they do not speak and that is fine with Mariah.  Fine with me too.  Toya has no character, no integrity, and no understanding of what the Holocaust is.  This is one stupid woman and I feel sorry for her.  I laugh when she talks about God and prayer as if that will somehow make her likeable.  Praising God is great, but does not make you a decent person.

I asked Mariah to describe herself and she used the words honest, fabulous, and hard working.  I would add sensitive, authentic, and hilarious.   She is in her early thirties, but has lived many lives.  She is savvy, street smart, and sophisticated. She came from humble beginnings and propels herself forward by remembering where she came from, and putting family first.

I like Mariah on the show and if I had not liked her in person, I would have said so, but I like her more now.  She is a sweet girl, ferociously protective of her kids, loyal and supportive of her husband, tolerant and respectful of her mother, and cares about her friends.  She is sad about how things been put out there for the world to see, but thinks she will redeem herself.

She is aware of the power of television, conscious that people look at her as a representative of women of color, and hopeful that people will look beyond the fight and see her true self.  I am proud of Mariah and I really liked her. I’m not sure if she can change the audience opinion in the four remaining episodes, but like her or not, this chick is fabulous, and keeping it real.