Three Dates with Iron Man

I had a date with the Israeli last night.  In fact, we actually had 3 dates. We met for a drink. Simple and casual, with a definite connection, so we continued onto dinner and date #2. After four hours together, we were not quite ready to part ways, so we went out for a nightcap, and date #3. Over the course of the evening we decided that he would be referred to in my blogs as “Iron Killer”.  It made sense at the moment as it is an inside joke, but this morning, upon reflection, I am going to call him “Iron Man”.

Iron Man is a superhero.  A powerful and insanely handsome presence.  He was in charge, but allowed me to think I was.  He was thoughtful, attentive, and funny.  He also did the one thing that I find so sexy and important. When he opened a door and I walked first, he put his hand on the small of my back to guide me through.  I have always thought that was a romantic gesture and he did it naturally, which made me flutter.  He is very tall and when I stood next to him I felt like a little girl being protected by a giant. He is a superhero, and so you will know him simply as Iron Man.

I met Iron Man a week ago on JDate.  Over the course of a week we became acquainted by sharing stories and getting to know each other on the phone. Important to note that he is geographically undesirable.  He not only lives in another city, but he lives in anther state.  Not ideal, but it’s only an hour flight away so not that dramatic. After a week of talking he flew to Los Angeles to take me out.  On one hand it was like a scary Lifetime movie about a killer who finds his victims online, but on the other hand it was romantic, and oddly normal that he would come to see me.  He said distance was irrelevent, there was no reason for us not to meet, and he was coming.

Once I saw him, and could match his voice to his face, it was very comfortable.  I was a little intimidated by how handsome he was and found myself staring.  A lot.  He laughs easily and when he does, he gets lines around his eyes that make him look sexy. He has a dimple that makes me swoon, and eyes that seem to mysteriously change between blue and green. I thought he was fabulous on the phone, and while looks are not important in the big scheme of things, attraction matters and I was magnetically attracted to him.  My nerves changed from anxious to excited.

Iron Man is his most appealing when he is talking about his three daughters. There is a twinkle in his eyes and when he pulled out his phone to show me pictures of them, I officially had a crush on him.  He is 52 years old, but has the soul of a man who has lived for hundreds of years.  He is a thinker and shares his knowledge and experiences freely.  He is a pleaser with a happy but somewhat intense disposition.  He has loved and lost, had joy and sorrow, and you can see it all spinning around in his head.  He chooses words carefully and there is meaning in what he says.

I like to learn new things and would always rather be a student than a teacher, and with Iron Man I felt like there was a lot to learn.  Not only about him, but about me.  He has a calm but complicated worldview that I find fascinating.  To hear him speak of Israel is compelling, to hear him speak of politics is interesting, and to hear him speak of himself is mesmerizing.  I also felt that not only could I learn a lot from someone like him, he could learn a lot from someone like me.  We have begun a friendship and I feel like it is something special.

When we finally ended our night I was sad to see him go. I am flattered he flew in just to see me, and I look forward to seeing him again. It was the perfect first date in that it ended with a second and third date.  He is a lovely man. I think his feelings about our time together were the same as mine, but one never knows I suppose.  He is heading to Israel soon to visit his children and I hope I will see him before he goes.  I woke up today feeling excited about him.  Iron Man has been a pleasant surprise and I hope he felt the same way, so I am keeping the faith.