Married To Medicine Goes to the Dogs

The fall out of the big fight continues as we pick up this week with Kari and Duncan, who own their medical building, and are hoping Dr. Simone will rent space from them.  We learn that Duncan and Mariah’s husband Aiden have not spoken since the fight, which was two weeks ago. That’s a shame because they were good friends.  In the end everything is Toya’s fault.

Speaking of the classless whore, we head over to her house where she is planning a Halloween party for adults and kids at her house.  Her husband is worried about how much it will cost, and she is not willing to talk money. This couple will be a reality television divorce before she can say my name is Toya and I’m an idiot.  She’s had no contact with Mariah since the fight.

Toya sends an email to Mariah uninviting her to the party. Bitchy move by a stupid woman.  Over at Mariah’s house, Quad has come over to visit. They are baking cookies, which is hilarious to me for some reason.  Mariah shows Quad the email uninviting her and her children to the party.  I get Toya is mad at Mariah, but the kids should not be involved. Toya is a loser.

Mariah is still mortified by the fight and Quad is becoming more fabulous with each passing week.  Her craziness is starting to look like brilliance, and she may be the best of the bunch. These two, along with Dr. Simone, are the stars of the show and bitches better take note because this show is going to be recast after season one and Mariah is in the power position. Trust.

Mariah and Quad are out shopping for Quad’s dogs. She is planning a party for “dog children”, to raise money for a K9 charity.  She lets Mariah know she is inviting Toya and I think that is crappy.  Mariah is Quad’s best friend, and under the circumstances she should have not included Toya. Quad says it is about money, but Toya is not donating so come on. Bad choice.

Mariah does not get the concept of dogs as kids, and I am with her. Speaking of real kids, we are off to see Dr. Simone at her office.  She is a ball buster and I love her. She has a lesbian patient, who wants a baby, and is going to sleep with a man while her partner watches, so they are together for the conceiving of their child.  Why share that with the world? I do not know.

Simone is not digging it and I think she is fabulous. She goes next door to have lunch with Dr. Jackie.  She takes lunch for Jackie, but Jackie says she wants to take it home and won’t eat it, which I think is weird. I am trying to wrap my head around Jackie but I just don’t get her.  Maybe I will, but for now the only time I find her entertaining is when she is with Simone.

It’s time for Toya’s party and she says Mariah’s kids are suffering because of the actions of their mother.  Really?  Mariah’s kids are suffering because she is a selfish and stupid bitch that threw wine before punches were thrown.  For real.  Kari is there and says she has a lot of respect for Toya, which makes me lose respect for Kari.  Kari does not know the truth.

Sidebar:  I interviewed Kari last week and she was fabulous.  That interview is coming this week.  I am also interviewing Mariah this week, and that should be great.  Kari is very different in real life from what we see on the show so it will be interesting to see how Mariah is.  I really do like these women and think this show is the best chick based reality television.

There are two parties going on.  Toya’s, and the one Mariah is attending. Mariah is upset that Toya is clearly trying to make all the ladies pick sides and it is sad.  If Toya had any class she would have included Mariah, if only for her children.  Toya has no class however, and the women who went to her party lacked judgment and should have pushed for a reconciliation.

It’s puppy party time and Quad says she is not happy with Toya and her behavior, but she has nothing against her dog, so she was invited.  Really? Quad is treating Toya’s dog with more respect than Toya treated Mariah’s children, and Quad should never of invited her.  Toya can catch fire and be out with the dogs, not in the party.  I am not digging Quad’s choice.

Toya arrives to the party looking like she is off to the market, not a fundraiser. I think it was ballsy for Toya to go, and she only did it to make Mariah feel bad because she assumed Mariah would not be there. Then Mariah shows up looking French, with a mechanical dog on a leash.  I freaking love Mariah.  Mariah talks to Toya’s dog, not Toya.  Total perfection.

Mariah then sends her daughter over to Toya to ask why she couldn’t come to her party.  Toya says it is bad parenting and she would never involve her kid.  Is she for real?  She involved her kids when she did not invite their friends.  Lauren asked her a fair question and Toya should have said she was sorry, not told a child that her mother was mean. I cannot stand Toya.

Sidebar:  Seriously, I cannot stand this classless bitch.  She is ignorant, selfish, and beyond stupid.  From her view of parenting, to that of Hitler and the Holocaust, she is a moron and if they bring her sorry ass back for another season I will be pissed off.  I will still watch, but I will go out of my way to rip this woman a new one every chance I get. Power of the blog.

Toya goes to Quad to tell her she is uncomfortable and leaving, but Quad is not having it.  She tells Toya this is about the charity and she is going to stay and she is going to write a check.  I love me some Quad.  She is all kinds of good crazy and the most authentic.  She was a bitch to invite Toya, but whatever, I’m over it.  She did it from a place of kindness not malice.

Toya approaches Mariah, which I didn’t get. She went from being uncomfortable around her, to approaching her on her own?  Mariah asks her why she uninvited her kids to Halloween, and Toya says it was not about the kids, but a fear that Mariah would act up.  Toya is a bottom feeder and she is just mad her actions caused her to lose her grip on Mariah’s coattails.

Toya tells the camera Mariah has multiple personalities because of her childhood.  She through Lauren under the bus and is now doing it again with Mariah.  Toya needs a kick in the ass, and one hard enough that she lands off this show.  Next week they all get together to try to fix things so it will be interesting to see if anyone will be honest enough to keep it real.