Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet’ gesture to Boston [VIDEO]

After a horrible week in their city, one Bostonians surely want to forget, singer Neil Diamond brought them a memorable moment.

Diamond came to Fenway Park on Saturday, when the Red Sox played their first home game following the Boston Marathon bombing five days earlier. It was also less than a day after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the bombing, was captured following a manhunt that included a shootout with police and a lockdown on Boston and other area towns. Tsarnaev's brother, considered the leader in the bombing plot, was killed in the gunfire.

In the eighth inning, Diamond came on the field to perform his “Sweet Caroline,” which since the early 2000s has been sung at least once a game by the Fenway faithful to a Diamond recording.

According to’s Jason Mastrodonato, Diamond decided to fly to Boston from Los Angeles on Friday night and arrived an hour before the afternoon game. Then he called the people at Fenway and said, “Hey, I’m here. Can I come sing?”

Of course, he put on a great show, and everyone sang along with the “pa pa pa!” part.

A night after the marathon bombing, the rival New York Yankees had played “Sweet Caroline,” without Diamond, when they squared off against the Sox at Yankee Stadium.