Mob Wives Reunion Recap

Oy Vey!  This reunion is a hot mess.  The screaming, talking over each other, and the exclusion of Love is annoying.  I get that Love was out of control with Carla, but they should have let her tape a segment to she could explain herself, and say bye to the fans.  She was fabulous and I thought she brought something great to the mix.  They owed it to the fans to let her say goodbye in her own words.  Hate it when fans don’t matter.

Karen and Ramona are on Carla like white on rice.  She is not liked and it makes no sense to me that she is still on the show.  She is not interesting and nobody likes her.   There is a lot of Love bashing, and she is not there to defend herself.  Did they think she was Snow White?  Sidebar: These women make me want to move to Staten Island and be Italian. I have the mouth of a drunken sailor so I’d fit in with the right accent.

Dr. Drew is moderating the reunion, which makes no sense.  I like the guy but this is not his forte and they could have gotten someone better. I think Jennifer Graziano should do it.  She is in the know and can ask the things we want to here.  There is so much screaming.  Drita says she told Carla to leave Love alone and Carla was the one who went in wanting a fight.  Carla is the troublemaker here and Love got screwed.

We move onto Carla and Renee.  Renee looks fabulous and this blog is hard to write because I have no interest in Carla and cannot understand half of what is being said because everyone is talking at the same time.  This format with the audience and questions does not work.  It’s very MTV and needs to be more Bravo.  We are not learning anything, except that yelling gives us a headache.  We are half way in and I’m about done. 

Renee is talking about her addiction and recovery.  I like her.  AJ says he does not believe in addiction and that you should just stop, which is unfortunate.  It was a dumb thing to say and Drew should have commented on it.  If he can’t contribute to the ocnversation about addiction, then why have him there? Carla is apologizing to Renee and AJ for her junkie crack and I am not buying it. Carla is not sorry for anything.

Drita shares that Lee is back in the house and all is well.  He feels guilty about missing so much time with his kids, but denies ever cheating on her. She says Lee will never appear on the show.  Good for him.  Everyone agrees that Joe was disgusting in putting down Carla on camera.  Agreed.  Then Dave joins Karen on set.  Dave made a mistake, admits he made a mistake, and I like these two together.

As if we didn’t get bored to death with Ramona’s wedding all season, we are back talking about it.  Ramona is not married yet, Karen still thinks it is a stupid decision, and I don’t get it.  I feel sad for Ramona and her kids.  She is surrounded by people who can help her understand but she won’t listen.  The reunion didn’t answer any questions, or give us any closure. It is disappointing and disrespectful to loyal fans.

I like this show and I love these women.  They are good television and give a glimpse into something that is fascinating.  Love should have been able to say goodbye, and Dr Drew should not have been the host.  I will tune in next season, but I’m coming in knowing I might not stick with the entire season.  The reunion was a dud, and my not being sure if I can stick it out for another season is keeping it real.