Married to Medicine Fight Club Recap

I love this show. These women have breathed life back into reality television. From catch phrases to female fight club, they are good television. Not always classy or ladylike, but still good TV.  Last week was the brawl, and this week is the aftermath.  Let me begin by saying that hitting another woman is not my style, but I could certainly provide you with a list of ladies that I fantasize about smacking.  It may not be appropriate to fight at a party, but it sure is ballsy, and a fantasy for a lot of women.

We pick up with the end of the party and Kari insisting she is done.  Toya is hiding in the bathroom and Mariah is outside with her husband defending herself.  Mariah is devastated for what she has done to humiliate her husband and Toya is crying.  Kari does not understand what happened and we jump to the next morning at Toya’s house.  Toya is explaining what happened to her husband, as he was working and not there.  Toya has a different recollection of how it went down and suggests that Mariah was drunk.

Toya is an idiot.  She refers to a ball gown as a ballroom dress, which I found to be hilarious.  I wonder how difficult life must be for someone so dumb. She then decides to judge Mariah on a personal level, which is what caused the fight in the first place, by saying she waited for marriage to have children. The implication being that Mariah had a child out of wedlock.  Toya is a bitch and is on the top of my list of fantasy smack downs.  She is ignorant, nasty and ugly deep in her soul.  If she has one that is.

Mariah has prepared a picnic for her husband and it is sad.  She has embraced her husband, and his faith, and is an important look into Muslim Americans in a time when it is needed.  She knows the fight was wrong, but she was protecting her child.  Her husband is saddened, embarrassed, and humiliated. Mariah apologizes to him, but he is understandably upset.  Fight aside, these are parents who have had the emotional wellbeing of their child put in danger by a fame whoring bitch who thinks only of herself.

Cut back to Toya, who decides that she is going to burn the Christening gown, that Mariah gave her.  It is childish, selfish, rude, and ignorant.  Toya says that Mariah serves no purpose in her life.  Really? Mariah created this show, brought Toya in, and yet Toya does not think Mariah is important? Toya brings up God and I think it is all for show.  She is putting the God card against the Allah card, and I am disgusted by her.  My God, is the same God as hers and Mariah’s, and her behavior is shameful in any faith.

I am so angry with this moron.  She wants a sign from God?  Watch out for lightning. Toya is concerned with apologizing to Kari, but is over Mariah.  Dear Lord.  Mariah has made up with her husband and will make amends.  In the end he is more concerned with his daughter than the petty bullshit of his wife and Toya.  Aiden is a mensch, Toya’s husband is an idiot, Mariah made a mistake, and Toya is a gutter pig that needs more than a punch at a party.  She also needs a lesson on the Holocaust.  For real.

Cut to Quad who is out for dinner with her husband.  They want us to get to know her and her hubs, and they are cute.  She came in with a bang, but in the end she is very appealing and quite entertaining.  I like her, like her husband, think her dogs hate getting dressed up, and respect her for putting off a baby until she is ready.  I would not have pegged her as being so likeable a couple of weeks ago, but bravo to Quad for being so fabulous.  All the haters can catch fire because the girl is good television.

Over to Dr. Simone, she is hanging with her youngest son and nephew.  I adore this woman.  I go back and forth between admiring her and her work ethic, and feeling bad that work takes so much of focus.  She manages to balance it the best she can, has beautiful kids, and a supportive husband. Bless her.  The nephew was to come for the summer and is still there. She is ready for him to go.  She needs time to prepare for the idea I pitched her. Pap smears are the new Botox Dr. Simone.  Cosmos and stirrups!

I would happily have a drink with my friends while getting a pap smear.  Much more comfortable than sitting there with my doctor making small talk while she gets up in my business.  Think about it Simone.  It could be all the rage. Cut to Kari who is talking with a friend about the fight club.  I interviewed Kari this week and am working on that blog, so I can tell you she is much different on the show, than she is on the phone.  Poor girl.  People are not going to get her, myself included, so we’ll see if that changes.

We meet one of Dr. Simone’s patients and it is sweet.  To see her in the role of doctor is interesting and I wish we got more of that for her and Jackie. The couple has a baby girl, Claire, and it is magic.  I can only imagine the satisfaction her work must give her, but to hear her defend her work, and clearly struggle with the love she has for her job is sad to me.  She owes us no explanation so it is touching she feels the need to explain.  I really like this girl and as a working mom, appreciate seeing her struggles.

Kari meets Toya for a drink and I find myself actually rolling my eyes, calling out to Toya that she is a dumbass, and pouring myself another glass of wine. I wouldn’t have met Toya, and certainly not alone. Toya is blowing smoke up Kari’s ass.  To show how low class this woman is, she offers to pay off Kari for forgiveness.  Kari does not need your money loser.  Kari is dumping all kinds of crap about Mariah and I am fascinated that these women seem to have forgotten that Mariah gave them this opportunity.

Kari is upset, but she is not doing herself any favors.  Her support of Toya is annoying.  Kari calls Toya a lady and I am laughing.  Toya is not a lady.  She is a fame whore.  By whore of course I mean no disrespect to whores.  We are with Mariah, Quad, and Lake, who are shopping for lingerie so Mariah can be sexy for Aiden and they can make up.  This entire scene is a waste of time. Nothing interesting, nothing new, and too lighthearted considering we are all still decompressing from the fight club.  Bad editing.

Simone and her husband are kicking the nephew out so she can get back on track.  Cute, but a useless time filler.  We are now on the second date of the episode with Quad and her husband.  Was there not enough useable fight footage to stay on topic?  Is all this light and fluffy really necessary?  We love Quad, love her husband, and get that he wants a baby and she is not ready.  Do we need another scene to remind us?  No. No we don’t.  They need a new editor on this show, or less dinking for the one they have.

Dr. Jackie is having Simone, Kari and Toya over for dinner.  She wonders who fights anymore and I am laughing.  Did people used to fight?  Who are these people that “anymore” is part of that question? Everyone is supporting Toya, and not Mariah, forgetting that Mariah brought them in, and not mentioning that Toya gossiped about Mariah’s daughter.  Why is nobody talking about Toya’s gossiping, which was the cause of the fight? Am I missing something that the majority of support is going to Toya? Very frustrating.

Toya is saying that Mariah was dirty.  Is Toya high?  Toys is ignorant about Hitler, ignorant about her role in the fight, and ignorant to think that we are buying her crap.  She is a liar and the truth will come out in the end.  Why is Jackie, the woman who does not want the humiliation and embarrassment of the women to reflect on her, getting involved?  This all feels scripted and not at all organic.  Mariah was wrong, but she is getting it from everyone.  Nobody got hurt, and the perpetuation of the bullshit is annoying.

Jackie is now meeting with Mariah.  Sidebar: She has her orchid on the inside corner of her desk, which is bugging me to no end.  Why is it there? Move it to the other corner!  Jackie is scolding, Mariah is crying, and I am not digging Jackie right now, which is weird because I love her.  My heart is broken for Mariah, even though she threw the first punch. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I may change my mind, but I think Mariah was justified, Toya is a loser, and I am keeping it real.