Cleaning, Canadians & Jackee Harry

I love my cleaning lady. Her name is Maria and I don’t know what I would do without her.  She makes me happy and I look forward to her coming to my home more than any holiday.  I am a very neat, organized, and clean person, but she is magic.  She comes in and turns my home into a palace.  She is brilliant at her job and if I ever lose my job, I will eat Top Ramon everyday if it means I can keep her employed.  I really love and respect her.

Maria came to my home today and I just walked in and floated on air from room to room admiring her work.  The thing is, I spent 2 hours yesterday cleaning my home so she wouldn’t think I was a slob.  I did all my laundry, although she tells me she will do it, I went through my home and straightened up, put things away, and changed the beds.  Why is it that I am cleaning up for my cleaning lady?  Does anyone else do that?

Not only do I clean up in anticipation of her coming, but I don’t like to be home when she is here.  I don’t want to be in her way, and I don’t want her to judge me.  She never would of course, but I wonder what she is thinking as she cleans my home.  I plan my schedule around her schedule.  It is ridiculous really, but that is how I roll.  I needed to get out of the house today so I made plans to meet an old friend for coffee.

I have known my friend “Lisa” for about 15 years.  Our kids went to preschool together.  When my son went on to Day School, her daughter went to a different school and we lost touch.  There was never a falling out, we simply drifted apart because when your kids are young you are friends with the parents of your kids friends.  I would see her occasionally but as our kids grew up we completely lost touch with other.

Lisa recently found my blog and sent me a message on Facebook to say hello and offer me support about my recent breakup.  It was really very kind and I was immediately reminded of what a lovely girl she is.  She also happens to be Canadian.  I am proudly Canadian and there is just something about my people that is special.  Canadians have a certain thing that I can’t quite explain, but if you are Canadian, you get it.

I have a Canadian flag tattooed near my bum so that no matter where I am sitting, I am always in Canada.  My son has duel citizenship and although I have lived in America for over 20 years, Canada is home.  My family is there, my lifelong friends are there, and my heart is there.  I had not seen Lisa in over ten years but spending time with her was like being home.  It was as if we had been together yesterday.  I love this girl.

We talked about our kids, work, life, and Canada.  She is a pistol.  Our cup of coffee turned into 3 hours of therapy.  It was all very cathartic.  She made me laugh, made me think, and actually called me out on a bit of my crap. Being with her made me happy.  We have a history together in terms of our kids and being Canadian, but it is also a new friendship as life is so much different now than it was ten years ago.  We are now women.

We used to be young mothers raising our kids, but with our kids older, and life being complicated and consuming, we have experiences now that shift how we talk, what we talk about, and ultimately made us friends by choice, not the obligation that comes when your kids are friends.  To Lisa, I freaking love you and you made my day.  Not just because you got me out of the house for Maria, but because you are fabulous. You truly are.

I left Lisa and went to the mall.  I have decided in light of my now being single, I was going to treat myself to some new bras and underwear.  A great bra can change how you walk and talk, so in the interest of getting my sexy back, I thought rocking some sexiness under my current uniform of pajama bottoms and the Englishman’s t-shirt might help.  I went to Victoria’s Secret to shop with an hour to kill before Maria was finished.

I stopped by Starbucks of course and as I was in line waiting for my latte, I checked my Twitter.  I have a bit of a Twitter addiction and really look forward to hearing from those who follow me.  Today however, was special. Today I got a tweet from a woman that I have loved for a very long time.  I remember watching her on TV and wanting to be her friend.  She was funny, sassy, quick witted, and super cool.  She is Jackee Harry.

My Keeping it Real blog is all about reality television and my new favorite reality show is Married to Medicine.  One of the stars of that show is a woman named Quad and when she speaks, her tone and attitude remind me of the divine Ms. Harry.  I tweeted that Quad reminded me of Jackee and today Jackee tweeted back asking who Quad was.  Really?  I think I actually started clapping while in line at Starbucks. Jackee Harry!

I wrote her back of course and told her who Quad was, then let her know I thought she was divine.  She tweeted the obligatory “xoxo” back, which I translated in my head to be, “Hi Ilana. You’re fabulous.  Let’s meet for lunch and be best friends.”  I just looked at her tweet again and without even realizing what I was doing, I clapped again.  I really just think she is so great and I smile when I think about her. Jackee Harry rocks.

It has been a great day.  I am currently rocking a gorgeous pink floral bra that makes me feel like a lingerie model, reconnected with my fabulous Canadian friend Lisa, and am one step closer to being best friends with Jackee Harry.  I am doing good today and will be better tomorrow.  I am a lovely girl and good things come my way all the time.  The key is to pay attention, say a prayer, breathe deeply, and keep the faith.