The Tough & Sexy Dodge Ram Truck

Today I drove a Dodge Ram truck for the first time.  I am not sure what happened exactly, but when I got behind the wheel I changed into another person.  The shear power of this machine changed everything.  I suddenly felt invincible.  I am not quite 5’4” and it was hard to even jump up to get into the truck, but when I did I felt like I was 6 feet tall.  I instantly changed from a little Jewish girl from the valley into a badass broad. I am used to driving a little car, and while aggressive and not afraid to use my horn and flip the bird, I became fearless.  I drove that truck like I owned the road and people needed to get out of my way.

I am always surprised when I see a woman driving a big truck because it is not a vehicle that suited women to me.  When I see a woman go by in a truck I figure she likes country music, owns a pair of cowboy boots, knows how to line dance, and has a boyfriend called Bubba.  I never thought I would ever want to drive a truck and to be honest they scared me bit because they are so big, but boy was I wrong. There is nothing sexier than a chick in a truck and I completely loved it.  The strangest thing was that when I sat in the Dodge Ram I instantly felt proud and patriotic.  There is something very American about driving a truck and I loved it.

As I drove, and was literally looking down on the little cars around me, people looked up and nodded hello.  Men gave me a sexy and flirty smile and women looked longingly. It was hilarious.  I was the Queen of the road.  I never knew driving a big truck would be so great.  Once I got the hang of it and understood how big and powerful the machine was, it was an easy drive. Cruising the streets on a Sunday afternoon in a Dodge Ram is heaven.  I asked my Twitter followers if any of the women drove trucks and I was surprised to hear back from quite a few. One wrote that driving a truck made her feel touch and sexy and I couldn’t agree more.

I found out that one of my followers actually drives a FedEx truck, which is awesome.  One woman wrote the first time she drove a truck was at age 10 with her Grandpa and she now owns that very same truck, which is amazing.  Women wrote of feeling safer in a truck, loving being so high off the road, and digging how people admired them as they drove by.  When I see women driving trucks now, I will admire them, envy them, and know they are tough, sexy, and strong.  I am a short, Jewish, city girl and I love driving a truck.  Not only do I love it, but I am really good at it.  My driving skills transferred perfectly from a little car to a massive truck.

I am a few years away from turning 50 and I’ve been thinking about how I would mark the half-century milestone. I have now decided that perhaps a new truck would be the way to go.  If you are a woman who has never driven a truck and want to channel your inner badass, then I suggest you get behind the wheel of a Dodge Ram and hit the streets.  It is empowering, exciting, satisfying, and sexy as hell.  I’m getting ready to go to work in my little car and it is a depressing.  If I pass a woman in a truck today I will smile, feel a pang of jealousy, wave in support, then start counting the days until I turn fifty, think of the color I want, and keep the faith.