A Mob Wives Blog – Finally!

I wrote weeks ago that I was not going to blog Mob Wives because they scare me.  It was a little tongue in cheek and I laughed my ass off when someone took my comment about being scared to find a horse head in my bed seriously.  I am not scared, I am simply too busy and taking on another Sunday night show was a little stressful.  That said, I appreciate all of you who read and am flattered that you want me to blog about a show that we all love.  So, in the interest of fan appreciation, here is a Mob Wives blog.

Going back a couple of weeks,  Ramona wants to make peace with Drita.  I like Ramona and I love Drita.  It is Carla that makes me nuts, but we’ll get to her later.   Renee is in rehab and while I’m not one for televised therapy, I dig this woman and that she is standing after all she has been through is a testament to her incredible spirit.  Her going off on a chick in rehab about not knowing her was awesome. I think she is fabulous and yes, I am a little intimidated by her.  I love a woman with balls and Renee's are huge.

Ramona sucks up her pride for her kids and I love her for it.  Drita agrees to meet someone she does not trust for the sake of her kids, and I love her for it.  These women are raw and tough but they are mothers and that makes them relatable in a way other aspects do not.  We may have nothing in common in terms of what we experience in life, but when it comes to motherhood we are all the same and that makes them good television.  A mom that will kick the crap out of you is awesome, and we are all like that.

Ramona and Drita bury the hatchet and I am loving it.  Their accents when they curse and talk about fighting is perfection.  Peace is made, for now, and life goes on.  Drita talks to Carla about it, so lets talk about Carla for a minute.  Carla is a bitch.  She is bitter and angry, which I totally get, but she tries too hard to be tough.  She is not on the same level as the other women in terms of the mob vibe so bless her for trying, but she is simply not on par and I find her to be both boring and annoying.  It could change.

In the blink of an eye, it changes.  Carla is talking to her soon to be ex-husband and I feel for her.  She is trying to be cool and angry, but she clearly loves him and regrets that she did to let him come home when he got out of prison.  Her husband seems nice enough and is obviously done with her games and has a tough guy shtick, but watching them is uncomfortable.  He is over her, she loves him, I feel for her, understand him, and in the end it is more sad than entertaining.  Carla is struggling with her life and it shows.

We meet Big Ang’s husband Neil and he is not what I was expecting.  He’s handsome, big, and simple.  Just how I like my men. I freaking love Big Ang. She is television perfection and I could watch her and listen to her all day long.  We’ve met Love Majewski since I last blogged and totally I love her. She is fabulous.  Karen is doing a singing thing with her daughter and while Karen is not my favorite, she is not annoying.  Is it just me or have her boobs gotten much bigger?  She’s looking more and more like Big Ang.

Ramona is at a meeting with her lawyer about getting her boyfriend out of prison, and she takes her little girl with her.  I think it is sad and while I get they are trying to show that their lifestyle is different, there was no need to have her daughter there.   She could have sat outside with the crew or the receptionist.  This was sad to me.  Cut to Hurricane Sandy.  It is about to hit and the ladies are preparing for the storm.  It is painful to watch what happened and I find myself crying at the devastation.

They did an entire show about Hurricane Sandy and it is crushing.  Watching these women and their reaction to the storm in touching and also enlightening.  To see how they responded in comparison to the Real Housewives is interesting.  There is a clear division between who the real people are and who the fame whores are.  For me, I see who helped from a place in their heart and who thought it was a press opportunity to look good. The Mob Wives are remarkable women. Real Housewives?  Not so much.

To clarify, I think all those who helped should be applauded.  I’m just saying some help came from love and some from a desire for good press. That said, all the help mattered and so bravo to all who did their part.  I am watching this episode and crying.  I cannot wrap my head around what happened there and I hope people don’t forget, and remember that people still need help.  The storm may be over but the chaos remains.  God bless all those who have been touched by this storm and are working to recover.

Back to the ladies, we get a proper introduction to Love and I am digging her.  What’s not to love?  Ma (I love my Ma) Jew (Hello!) Ski (Love me some powder).  She is funny, tough, real, and scary as hell.  I love it that she stabs her men when they cross her.  By love it of course I mean I idolize her for doing over and over again what we have all dreamed about doing at least once. You know you have.  I certainly have.  Love is interesting, a great addition, and maybe she can push Carla out because I’m over Carla.

Sidebar:  Nothing pisses me off more than when rich reality bitches cry about how hard it is to be a single mother when they get help from the father’s of their children.  It’s even more annoying when they get help from the married men they bang.  The Mob Wives are single mothers due to both divorce and prison, and you never hear any of them complaining.  They do what needs to be done, take care of their kids, and shut the hell up.  Like them or not, I respect these women for not bitching all the time.

I love how Drita talks about Lee.  Love tells her she stabbed her ex and he wants her back. Drita says if she was going to stab Lee she’d need to kill him because if he was not dead he’d come back and kill her for stabbing him.  I dig her so much.  She is hardcore and I watch her in awe.  Over to Renee in rehab, her son AJ is visiting and in a therapy session with her.  This is rough and I feel for these kids.  That said, they are all loved and the darkness of their lives is eased by the love these women have for their children.

Listening to Renee speak of her son and how she feels she has not been a good mother is heartbreaking and I am crying like a baby with her.  We all question our motherhood at some time and she is no different.  She has done the best she can and her son loves her.  This moment is tragic and hopeful at the same time. I think Renee is brave and I am proud of her.  Back to Staten Island, Big Ang is kicking ass for hurricane relief and I’ve decided I want to date an Italian mob guy.  The Bronx boys were yummy and fabulous.

We are with Drita, Carla and Big Ang as Drita tells us Lee is out of prison and in a halfway house.  She is so excited that I feel almost giddy for her. She talks about him wanting a haircut and her getting laid. It is hilarious and quite cute. Drita is thrilled, Big Ang thinks they need to get back together and Carla says she should not take him back.  The divine Ang tells her to forgive him and start over.  She thinks Drita needs restore her family, she also says Carla’s advice is based on her own mistakes.

Renee is back from rehab and wearing a different outfit than she had on when she left Florida.  Such bad editing.  Karen is doing some music thing for her kid, who wants to be a singer.  She is with a guy called Storm and it is quite cute.  She is totally flirting and girly with him and it is charming.  He checks her out, undresses her with his eyes, and it is almost uncomfortable to watch.  I hope he is as into her as she is to him.  It is darling to watch this hard ass chick get all flirty with a man.  Good luck Karen.

Renee became a good bowler in rehab so she invites the gang to go bowling. They are talking rehab and it is nice to see them all happy to have her back. Watching Ang bowl is hilarious.  I want to be neighbors with Big Nag.  By neighbors of course I mean best friends.  There is nothing about this chick I don’t love.  Everyone is getting along except for Renee and Carla.  I’m with Renee on this one.  Over to Ang, she takes her hubs out for a makeover.  He is cute, they are hilarious, and I am fascinated by both of them.

Big Ang says all women should have a very tight leash on their men, and even choke them a little bit. Amen sister. Ramona and Drita go to the spa and all is well.  Renee and Ramona go for coffee and all is well.  Carla is with Big Ang and telling her about her impending divorce.  Ang is hardcore and gives the same advice I would.  She tells Carla to fight for custody of her kids and not let Joe have anything.  It makes sense in general but Carla is so bitter that it spells disaster for all involved.  Ang sets her straight.

Neil is preparing a romantic dinner for Ang and I think it is lovely.  He is trying and while we really have no idea what this relationship is all about, he seems to love her, she is doing her thing, and I hope we see more of them. He almost burns down the house, but dinner looks good, and they are fabulous.  Ramona does prayer service for her Grandfather and it is lovely. We don’t know anything about these people really, but the honoring of her family, regardless of what they did, is important.  It is family.

Listening to Ramona speak of her family is moving and watching the women cry at her words is touching.  They are decent women and I like them.   Over to Carla, she is meeting with Joe and his girlfriend.  Wow.  You can smell the bitterness and it is suffocating.  I’m not a fan of Carla, the girlfriend, or Joe, and this is not that interesting because they are not that interesting. Carla is a bitch, the girlfriend is a dingbat, the husband is a putz, and while I feel for Carla, there is nothing engaging or endearing about her.

Love is out with Karen and Drita and the three of them together are funny. Based on their history I think it is weird that Drita and Karen hang out. Love is not into Carla, which makes me like her more.  When Love says she will cut a bitch, she will literally cut a bitch.  I like that about her.  She is not blowing smoke up anyone’s ass.  Drita wants no drama but you know it is coming and I can’t wait. I am all caught up on the Mob Wives.  I like this show because unlike any other reality chicks, they are keeping it real.