LeAnn Rimes is Clearly Bored

You can always tell when LeAnn Rimes is bored because she files a new lawsuit.  This chick clearly has too much time on her hands and one can only assume how miserable she must be that suing has become her favorite pastime.  This woman is a mess and I wonder why nobody in her camp is trying to help her, rather than encouraging her bizarre behavior.

I don’t think this woman has one single friend that is not on her payroll.  She has a husband who has no job and is a serial cheater, so that must put her over the edge.  When he is out and she has no idea where he is, instead of using the down time to eat a sandwich or buy an outfit that has not been worn by her husband’s ex-wife, she uses the time to file lawsuits.

The latest filing is against her former dentist who she says has caused her “emotional and psychiatric injuries”.  LeAnn wrote that her “ability to perform as an artist has been and will continue to be significantly compromised until all re-treatment is complete.”  The entire thing is insane and I imagine her dentist is laughing at her like we all are.

The way she describes her teeth issues one could assume she did not brush or floss her teeth for years, or perhaps was a meth addict.  How many people under the age of 30 need 8 root canals in one year?  It sounds a little fishy to me, but then all of her lawsuits are strange. We all know the only reason LeAnn sues is because she is bored and inherently mean.

I have been on the receiving end of her camps legal rants and it is quite entertaining.  For the people she is suing it is a pain in the ass but eventually she will burn through all her money and have to stop with these bullying tactics.  By burn through her money of course I mean her unemployed and cheating husband has already begun the process for her.

Is poor LeAnn Rimes so delusional she thinks her dentist is to blame for her career faltering? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with her breakdown, lack of personality, or absence of all redeeming qualities.  No!  It is her dentist that caused her career to tank.  I wonder how much she pays people to be her friends and agree with everything she says.

LeAnn Rimes is silly and I enjoy writing about her because in the end she is just funny.  She was blessed with talent and rather than live her best life, she prefers to orchestrate her own train wreck on a daily basis.  It is fascinating to watch and also sad.  Time for this young woman to get a grip, stop suing, eat a sandwich, grow up, and start keeping it real.