Melissa McCarthy, Rex Reed & Identity Thief

Melissa McCarthy is a beautiful woman. She is cute, funny, talented, charming, and entertaining.  She makes me laugh out loud and I would love to sit next to her on a plane.  Sidebar:  Do you know which celebrity you’d want to sit next to on a plane?  My top choice would be Russell Brand. 

Back to Melissa, I like her in movies and on television, but I also like her in interviews.  She seems like a cool chick and while I am aware she does not have the body of a model, I don’t really pay attention to her size.  I don’t think her weight has any impact on how funny she is.  She is just funny.

Rex Reed is a film critic who I quite frankly thought had passed away.  I remember him from a million years ago and thought he was old and bitter then, so imagine my surprise to learn that not only is he not dead, he is now older and more bitter.  It turns out Rex Reed is also a complete douchebag.

In his review of McCarthy’s latest film Identity Thief, he referred to her as “tractor sized” and a “female hippo”.  In defending his review, he said something stupid about losing friends to obesity and not using fat as humor while referring to Melissa McCarthy as Melissa Manchester.  Such an idiot.

Rex Reed should retire his opinion.  He makes no sense and rather than continue to humiliate himself, he should simply go away quietly.  That said, I went to see Identity Thief this weekend to support Ms. McCarthy and also because I thought the trailers looked funny.  I was totally wrong.

Turns out the trailers are not that funny and this is truly a horrible film.  A total waste of time and money. There was nothing funny or even remotely entertaining.  It was dark, mean, violent, and just dumb.  The acting was horrible, the story was ridiculous, and the evening was wasted.

I am in a movie picking competition with my boyfriend.  We take turns picking out movies and keep a running score of who picks the winners and who picks the losers.  I was ahead by one, and since I chose this piece of crap, we are now even.  I have lost my movie picking bragging rights.

This movie was garbage and while Rex Reed’s comments about Ms. McCarthy are offensive and idiotic, he was right about the movie being bad.  This is not a family movie and kids should not go.  The movie is crap, Reed is an asshole, and I can’t brag about picking good movies.  Damn you Identity Thief!

Important to note that many people in the theater were laughing but we couldn't tell if they thought it was funny, or simply felt uncomfortable enough to cause spontanious laughter.  We looked around in amazement because there was nothing funny happening but people laughed. Very strange. 

I don’t regret going to see it really because I wanted to support McCarthy’s talent.  I am also a huge fan of Jason Bateman, so I gave them a shot. In the end I am glad that I supported her, I do think the movie is crap, I definitely think Reed is a douchelord, and I am very annoyed.

The Englishman and I have different tastes in movies, but we appreciate well made films so we go with an open mind, hoping we have picked a winner not a dud.  My Englishman is making fun of my selection and he is funnier than the movie.  It is now his pick and he wants payback so I am keeping the faith.