The Dark & Dirty Shahs of Sunset Reunion

A reunion for this show was probably not a good idea.  We saw these people first season and it was love, on the second season the shine was off and we saw that perhaps they were not as great as we thought, then we get this and see that there are not a lot of redeeming qualities about these people.  They are rude, raunchy, not particularly bright, and quite mean.

Andy starts with Lily who spends five minutes telling us she does not need to talk about how rich she is, then spends another five minutes showing us exactly how rich she is.  She is freakishly pretty, has a somewhat deformed looking body, and a voice that makes me cringe, but there is something sweet about her.  By sweet of course I mean stupid can be charming.

The show begins with Reza comparing the trimming of his mustache to the manscaping of Mike’s genitals. I should have turned it off right away but now I’m sucked in and have to finish.  My prediction is that this reunion is going to make it hard for the cast to come back as it is because we are not going to like them, and we know all their relationships are fake.

We get a recap of how hard these people party and it is hard to believe how old they are.  They are behaving like college kids, not mature adults with jobs and responsibilities.  I am embarrassed for them right now.  Lily admits to being uptight, MJ admits to not remembering things when she is drunk, and Mike tells us he is posing for Playgirl.  Please make this end.

The conversation quickly goes to MJ being an addict.  Asa is convinced MJ is sedated all the time and she is concerned.  Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and the show is now about throwing MJ under the bus.  Reza says she has known MJ for 20 years and she has a pill addiction.  The reunion has now turned into an episode of Intervention.  This is not cool.

Reza is dealing with fallout in his family for making out with his boyfriend on camera.  Lily didn’t tell her parents she was even going to be on this show. We then get a recap of exactly how mean they have all been to each other all season.  The amount of crap they talk about each other is fascinating and you have to wonder if any friendships will survive this show.

GG and Asa are hashing it out and it is sad.  These people were ruined by fame and are poster children for why you should not do a reality television show.  GG refers to Asa as “that thing” and it is on.  It ends in screaming and we see it will pick up next weekend with even more screaming. This show is bad, the reunion is disturbing, and nobody is keeping is real.