RHNYC Goes Away & Jill Zarin Returns

I would have happily walked away from the Real Housewives of New York City after one reunion show, but Bravo decided to make it two episodes, followed by a lost footage show.  Dear Lord. These chicks won’t go away. Just when I think I might pass on part two, they discuss Luann’s whorish ways and I am right back in.  Luann cheated but won’t admit it.

That is how whores roll is my guess.  She may be a whore, but she is also a Countless, so she is keeping quiet.  She assures us that NOTHING happened with Tomas, and Jacques believed her.  Lu is making it worse by going on and on about it, and nobody believes her, namely Carole.  Luann is spinning her story and it is getting more confusing with each word. 

Luann lied then, is lying now, and I think it is hilarious.  By hilarious of course I mean Jacques should get down to the free clinic for some testing. The best part of this waste of time is Luann sounding Canadian.  She goes hardcore with her “sooory” and I am rolling.  In the end who cares? Luann was a slut, Jacques forgave her, and we all move on.  Except Ramona.

Ramona calls Luann out for being a swinger and a whore.  Luann is livid, about to cry, and Ramona is gloating.  These women cannot stand each other and it shows.  Its the old against the new, and even within the two groups, they don’t seem to like each other.  There is no reality here, these women are not friends, and their fake meetings and socializing have run the course.

Time to focus on Sonja, who looks absolutely gorgeous.  She was a hot mess all season, but she is perfection at the reunion.  Great hair, great makeup, great dress, great attitude.  She appears to be sober, or perhaps wasted, because when asked about bum action with Tomas, she keeps it classy. Ramona won’t let her answer anything about it, so you know its true.

Aviva is back to talking about her dad, and the girls trip, and I’m bored. Aviva brings nothing to this show and seeing her real self at the reunion only proves why I am not a fan.  I think she is fake, uptight, pretentious, and rather annoying.  Andy is useless, and rather than getting clarity on the season, he is trying to get Ramona and Sonja to admit they sleep together.

We are now asked to sit through a recap of Aviva’s dad George.  Dear Lord. We hated him on the show so why make us sit though a conversation about it?  Aviva is talking about her parent’s sex life and I’m done.  Carole’s new mouth is distracting, Andy’s questions are dumb, Aviva is lying, George is repulsive, and Sonja is gracious and kind, which is really lovely.

I am now sitting through what feels like hours listening to Sonja and Heather fight about the toaster oven.  The most fascinating thing about the toaster oven is that there is still no toaster oven.  We have been hearing about this thing forever and still nothing.  In the words of the delicious Milania Guidice, when it comes to the toaster oven, I say blah, blah, blah.

Sonja is selling her house in France, getting her life in order, communicating with her ex-husband, and mourning the loss of her beloved dog Milo. She compares his loss to that of a grandmother and it’s charming.  She really loved Milo and I feel for her and the loss.  I love Sonja and I feel invested in her happiness.  I want her to be okay and wish her well.

We are now watching how things fell apart between Ramona and Aviva and it is too funny.  Aviva is a total crazy person.  She is mean, selfish, ridiculous, pathetic, delusional, and plain old fashioned bitchy.  Ramona comes out the winner.  Of course we are comparing crazy to crazy, but Aviva is more insane crazy when compared to Ramona’s kooky, drunk crazy.

Just when I think I cannot dislike Aviva more, she pulls the “My mom was an alcoholic and she died from it so I was yelling at you with displaced anger to her” card.  Dear Lord.  We don’t like you Aviva and with each neurosis you bring up, we like you even less.  Ramona is flipping out that people think she has a drinking problem and she wants the discussion to stop.

Well, it’s over.  Finally.  No point in talking about the lost footage because I can’t be bothered to watch it.  The message from Ramona, Sonja, and Luann is clear however.  They want Heather to come back but have no real use for Aviva or Carole.  I agree.  Let Carole and Aviva go, keep Heather, and either recast for two new girls, or bring back Jill Zarin and Alex McCord.

Speaking of which, I am loving Alex and Simon on VH1’s Couples Therapy. The show is a train wreck, but they are fabulous.  You see the fallout of being on a reality show by a couple that is once again on a reality show.  Yup, they are whoring themselves out again.  It makes no real sense, but it is very good television.  By very good of course I mean it is horrificly fantastic.

That brings us to Jill Zarin on Watch What Happens Live.  A lot of people have been waiting for me to blog about this and so here we go.  I waited a little while because I wanted to watch it couple of times.  Those of you who follow me regularly know that I think Jill Zarin is good television.  I have spoken with Jill several times, met her once, and I just like her.

Important to note that just because I like her, it does not mean we are friends, or that she pays me to write about her.  What it means is that I am a writer, who writes about reality television, and she is a reality television personality I enjoy watching.  I don’t think everything she does is perfect, but when it comes to RHNYC, she was a hoot and I dug her.

Jill and Andy are cute together.  She looked great, her hair was fabulous, her skin was flawless, and I think she was brave to come back.  Andy asked her how she felt when she was fired, and she asks Andy why she was fired. He gave some lame excuse and she took it with a grain of salt.  By grain of salt of course I mean she did not, and still does not, understand what happened.

Andy says he is happy with the changes that were made, and Jill seems to not be able to accept that.  It is Jill Zarin at her most vulnerable.  I thought she was honest and open and her attempts at humor where touching to me. To tell Andy she cannot be replaced was initially viewed by me as pompous and delusional, but in looking at it again, it was human.

Here is a woman who was the quintessential New York Jewish housewife, who was riveting and popular, then without warning, she was fired.  Not only just fired, but publically humiliated.  She had been so close to Bethenn,  and to see not only their friendship end, but their paths take on different directions and different speeds must have been be upsetting.

Bethenny used Jill to get to the place she wanted, and then dumped her.  I get it on some levels, but in the end there was a time to be gracious and both of them missed the boat. In watching Jill tonight I am reminded that she was fun to watch, and even though she sometimes made me cringe, she should not have been punished for her falling out with Bethenny.

Important to note that even though I'm not a fan of Bethenny, God bless her.  She accomplished everything she set her mind to and I respect that.  Good for her.  I hope she is happy and proud.  All I'm saying is that for a woman whose friends all appear to be on her payroll, one would think she would forgive  the one person who never wanted anything from her.

Jill is talking about all the ladies of her seasons and there is clearly some really bad editing.  The sound jumps and I wonder what the real conversation was, not what Andy wants us to see.  Sidebar: Twitter went nuts that Jill filmed the show herself to shop around to sell.  Hilarious.  Jill recorded the audio and based on how Bravo dumped her, she did the right thing.

People are so quick to want to hate Jill, and it’s a shame.  Instead of wanting her off the show, they should have pushed for her to stay on so they would have something to talk about.  Love her or hate her, everyone likes to talk about Jill Zarin.  She is now talking about Bethenny and I could care less.  I think Bethenny is a pathological liar and a fame whore.  Moving on.

Jill talking about Bravo picking sides and favorites is just sad for me.  Sad because I would have felt the same way.  She is the girl who got to hang out with the cool girls, only to have the popular bully girl shun her and have it all taken away.  Instead of allowing Jill to have the show, Bethenny took it away from her because she could.  There is nothing to be proud of there.

I will get blasted for my opinion on this and I get it, but take a step back for a minute and stop making this about Jill and Bethenny.  Let’s make it about just TV.  Jill was good television.  People who loved her rallied by her side, and those who hated her got a kick out of bashing her.  In the end we all lose with her off the show and that is a drag because RHNYC now sucks.

People bitch that Jill needs to move on because she is off the show, but why should she?  Jill reminds us that the show is on around the world, many places just seeing the first season, and Jill is still a housewife for a lot of people.   Now I sound like a PR person for Jill and that was not my goal.  I am not here to defend Jill Zarin, just share my opinion of her.

In the end Jill handled herself well with Andy, and Andy was lovely to her. It is unfortunate that they parted ways, and I hope they make their way back together.  I’m guessing we will see Jill on TV again and I would not be surprised if Bethenny has her on her talk show.  It would be a ratings bonanza, and exactly the kind of thing Bethenny lives for.

The truth is I really don’t care about this stuff that much. I am a fan of realty television, like so many of us are, and we all have our favorites. The ones we want to hang out with, and the ones we want to accidentally trip so we can watch them fall in slow motion.  Who we like is personal and my job is to share my personal opinions, which I do, openly and honestly.

I am happy this season of RHNYC is over and I was happy to see Jill back on my TV, just as I am happy to see Alex too.  It will be interesting to see if the same cast returns.  I want Jill back and don’t care who wants to hate me for it.  In a world with so much pain and stress, that people want to hate each other over reality television stars is both silly and disturbing.

It is actually quite funny when you think about it.  We get sucked into these shows with these people, and it is fascinating.  I make my living talking about them all, and so the drama is part of the job I guess.  I like Jill, can’t stand Aviva, think Sonja is great, Ramona is evil, and Luann is a slut.  If you agree or not is up to you.  All I can do it watch, write, and keep it real.