Hell hath no fury like a tough (Israeli) woman scorned

The last time I spoke to Israeli-born philanthropist Daphna Edwards Ziman, she said she’d begun her debut novel, a thriller titled “The Gray Zone,” (2011) in part, as therapy during the unraveling of her 20-year marriage to real estate mogul Richard Ziman several years ago.  She also said she was planning to write another book, this one a comedy-drama titled “How to Divorce a Billionaire”—  “a fictional novel based on a whole bunch of women that I am friends with who have divorced billionaires, and their stories are so similar it’s bizarre,” she told me last year.

Recently, Ziman appeared to comment on her divorce by writing and starring in a bluesy, comic music video, “Give Me the Money, Honey,” by the Lavender Thorns, in which she plays a scorned wife to a blinged-out aging Lothario romancing a babelicious Asian in a red satin teddy.  Ziman, wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket, croons to him, “Give me the money, honey; do what you want.  Cold hard cash on the line – as long as all that green is mine.” 

The video ends as the guy, wearing a dressing gown, a giant gold dollar sign necklace and a disgruntled expression, hands over the cash to Ziman, who happily exits. “And that’s a walking cash register for you, honey,” she says.