Bristol Palin, Rielle Hunter & Anderson Cooper

I am amazed that these three people have all made the news recently. Bristol Palin’s reality show started airing, Rielle Hunter’s memoir of her life as a home wrecking whore was published, and Anderson Cooper made headlines for coming out.  Really?  Bristol is not worthy of a show, Rielle is a trashy skank, and we all knew Anderson was gay.

I have been watching Bristol Palin’s new reality show and it is pissing me off. I think she is a bad role model for teenage girls and is doing a huge disservice to her beautiful son.  I watched all the episodes that have aired so far and I am surprised by how she openly bashes the father of her child. It is relentless, hurtful, and in front of her son.

Surely Bristol understands that we all think Levi Johnson is a douchelord so there is no need for her to bash him.  She would be better off letting him dig his own grave.  He is a pig, does not care about his kid with her, and I don’t blame her for falling for the cute guy.  I do think it is disgusting for her to talk so badly about the loser in front of their son.

In watching this show I have very little respect for Bristol, and think Willow is a bit of a dingbat.  By dingbat of course I mean in a Chrissy Snow kind of way.  That said, I am loving Sarah and Todd Palin.  I may not agree with them politically, but I like them as people.  Sarah Palin is either loved or hated for her views, but for me, politics aside, I just like her.

Bristol needs to be a little more like her mom in terms of not airing her dirty laundry.  Her whining about how hard her life is as a single mom makes me want to scream.  When she referred to her young son as bi-polar, in front of him, and allowed footage of her son calling her on-again off-again boyfriend Daddy, it was too much and I gave up on her.

I’m not going to watch the show anymore.  By not watch it of course I mean watch it and mock her from the comfort of my couch.  I raised my son alone, with an ex I have no respect for, without the benefits of having my family nearby, and without her money, so watching her “struggle” makes me laugh. This kid has no idea what it means to struggle.

I like the Palin family and I would watch a show about them, but Bristol is not that interesting on her own.  It’s like watching 16 and Pregnant about kids with money.  She is immature and not thinking about how this show will look to her son when he is old enough to understand that her crapping all over his dad is just like crapping all over him.

Bristol Palin is a young girl who got knocked up by a schmuck and while I’m sure she is a lovely, the only interesting thing about her, are her parents. She has confused the struggles of being a single mom with hatred for her ex. They are not the same thing Bristol.  You can hate Levi, we get it, but enough with the single mom sob stories.  You have no clue.

Rielle Hunter is, in my opinion, a whore.  She sold her soul to the devil and I am not only never going to read her book, but I won’t even mention the name of it.  Just Google whore memoirs and I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.  I have seen several of the interviews she’s given while on her book tour and she is truly a disgusting and sickening human being.

It’s not all her of course.  John Edwards is a pig and he has secured his first class ticket to hell, but Rielle is a nightmare.  I have no respect for a woman who goes after a married man and while the man is equally to blame, there is something very hurtful about a woman hurting another woman in the way she hurt Elizabeth.  It is both shameful and personal.

Rielle Hunter is, in my opinion, delusional, crazy, twisted, creepy, pathological, and whorish.  She is selling a book while dancing on the grave of Elizabeth Edwards and it’s not appealing or interesting.  I feel sorry for her little girl that this is the legacy she is putting out for the world see.  She clearly cares more about herself than her child.

Finally, I simply must talk about Anderson Cooper for a minute.  I love him. He is a brilliant journalist, a wonderful host, and while I don’t watch his talk show with regularity, he has been great on the ones I have tuned into.  I’m not sure what it was exactly about Anderson that said gay to me, but most people who know of him simply assumed he was.

By most people of course I am not referring to my mother.  My mom called me practically in tears when the breaking news broke.  She heard Anderson was gay and she was mortified.  She wanted to know if his coming out meant she should stop fantasizing about their love affair?  By fantasizing of course I mean she truly thought she had a shot.

Anderson Cooper should not be defined by his sexuality and his coming out should not be breaking news.  Good for him for standing up for who he is, and bravo if it helps someone else with their coming out experience, but seriously Anderson, I don’t care.  Breaking news would be that you are going to marry my mother, not that you are gay.

If aliens are watching us and see a teenage mother, a whore, and a gay guy as the top news stories, they are going to take earth off the list of places with intelligent life.  Bristol needs to get a job, Rielle needs to shut up, and Anderson needs to be left alone.  As for the aliens, they might just decide to blow us up so we better start keeping the faith.