Conversations From Twitter – Part 7

I was very much looking forward to talking to Twitter’s @AsianPosh1.  She has been following me on Twitter for a long time and has been truly lovely. She defends me to the haters, reads my reality blog and my lifestyle blog, and always has a kind word for everyone who needs it.  She is kind, funny, beautiful, and was exactly what I expected when we finally chatted.

Posh is soft spoken with an easy laugh and a comforting tone.  She was born in Hong Kong, moved to the United States when she was five, and her journey here is fascinating.  Her parents had Mormon missionaries knock on their door one day, they were interested in their message, they decided they wanted to be Mormon, packed up and moved to Salt Lake City.

I’ve had missionaries come to my door, heard stories, and listened to jokes, but never met anyone who actually embraced the mission being shared and converted.  It’s really interesting.  They changed their faith and relocated to a foreign land to start over.  It takes commitment to faith and hope in better things to make such a leap, and I respect their dreams.

They eventually relocated to Columbus, Ohio, where they opened a Chinese food restaurant.  Posh worked there from the time she was in the 5th grade until she graduated from high school.  She left home to go to college and at age nineteen, while eating out, she met her Prince Charming.  It was love at first sight and they were married when Posh was twenty-one.

Posh earned her degree in elementary education but never worked as a teacher.  She had been working since she was a kid, her husband had become a computer programmer, and so after many years of marriage, she was ready to take on the hardest job in the world, a stay home mom.  She has been a full time mom for almost 15 years and has no regrets.

Posh does not watch a lot of television, but she made the horrible mistake of tuning in to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and before she knew it she was an addict and unable to stop watching.  She is a huge fan of Brandi Glanville, and while she turned to Twitter to chat with other fans, she decided early on to not get sucked into drama and darkness.

She is friendly with a lot of people from different camps, and tries to get along with everyone and stay neutral.  As we all know, reality television fans on Twitter can be a little intense.  By a little intense of course I mean totally crazy. Everyone has their favorite housewife, and their favorite blogger, but if you pick a side you will be thrown to the wolves.

Posh has seen some vicious attacks on Twitter, some of them surrounding me, and she has managed to not get involved, but still extend a hand of comfort and kindness to those who are.  She has not met anyone she knows through Twitter, but there are several she would like to meet.  It freaks her out of course, but you’d be a crazy person if it didn’t.

Posh has two daughters and her devotion to them is really special.  She has dedicated her life to being home with them and it’s sweet to hear her speak of not only how much she loves being home with them, but also how lucky and privileged she feels to be able to do it.  She is a modern woman to be sure, but also a throwback to the days of June Cleaver.

Her younger daughter was diagnosed with autism at age four and it made Posh an advocate.  She is passionate about allowing her daughters every opportunity to thrive, and her little one in particular is blessed by the commitment her mother has.  The diagnosis was crushing, but as soon as she fell apart she lifted herself up and began her fight.

Her daughter was diagnosed early and Posh and her husband reacted quickly. They became very proactive in her treatment and would not allow denial to take over.  They wanted to just think it would all be okay and not worry, but that was not really an option, They were heartbroken to be sure, but there was no time for them to worry about themselves.

Posh wondered if it was her fault.  What would life look like for her baby as she grew up?  She struggled, panicked, cried, took anti-depressants, and in the end was able to lean on her husband and use the love from her two beautiful little girls to propel her forward.  She is hopeful people will be kind and allow her children to live their best lives.

Posh is old fashioned and traditional when it comes to her marriage and parenting.  I admire how she loves and respects her family, and am inspired by her devotion.  That said, we could never be friends in real life. This chick runs 7 to 8 miles a day.  For fun.  Who does that?  You can bounce a quarter off her ass and she has no body fat.  It’s offensive.

Our girl never watches her favorite reality television when it first airs.  She waits until morning, pours herself a cup of coffee, and watches while tweeting.  Her husband thinks reality TV is funny and he supports her addicted, but he is not watching it.  After 22 years of marriage Posh and her husband are still newlyweds and it’s refreshing.

There were married for 8 years before they had kids, grew up together, and now enjoy being parents.  Posh says that God puts things in your path for a reason and it’s dealing with those things that make you who you are.  She feels blessed that her husband was put in her path and that she is blessed with her two daughters.  Her life is exactly as it should be.

I asked Posh to describe herself in three words and she chose loyal, advocate, and determined.  She truly is a lovely woman and I am a fan of hers.  This is a woman who lives a full life, embraces her challenges, advocates for autism, and is happy.  She is yet another shining reason of why this series is becoming my favorite part of keeping it real.