Conversations From Twitter – Part 5

My interview this week is with Twitter’s @MintedRoyalty.  I don’t know how he found me, or how it is I started following him, but I do know that this is a truly remarkable human being.  I have been surprised by all of the people I have interviewed through this series, but Lucien is special.  He made me think about his life, my life, and world as a whole.

Lucien is very funny.  He doesn’t even try to be funny actually, he just is. He is single, lives in Connecticut, and is a trained paralegal.  He told me he is currently going through a mid-life crisis and is taking the summer off to reevaluate his life and what he wants to do with it.  He is disillusioned with the legal profession and hoping to make a change.

Lucien talks openly about the fact that he is bi-polar.  He speaks of it a way that does not solicit pity or fear, but rather love and compassion.  He is soft spoken, kind, and self-depricating, but also direct and opinionated. One does not ever need to wonder what he is thinking because he will tell you.  His ability to share is truly inspiring.

Eleven years ago Lucien went through a rough patch with his mental illness and spent time going through a medical system that was not helpful.  He was sad, abandoned by the system, and left wondering how people are supposed to get well under those circumstances.  People were treated with medications to keep them quiet, not get them well.

His time in a state facility left him marked in a way that is now fueling his desire to make change.  He may even go to law school and become an advocate for people in the mental health system.  He is taking a couple of months to decide what he will do and I am certain that no matter what he decides, he will make a difference to many people.

He was raised by an abusive mother but still manages to speak kindly of her. He has one sister who he describes as his best friend and partner in crime. He is single, and looking for love.  It was in our talk of love where I fell in love with him myself.  This is a wonderful man and even though we have never met, I know I could count on him if needed.

Lucien does not need someone to complete him, but would like to share his life with someone.  We are the same age, both Jewish, and both at an age in our life where we want to have a partner, but are set in our ways and wonder if it is even possible.  When you are in your mid to late 40’s there is a routine to your life and adding someone can be complicated.

Lucien describes himself as being in the “222 Syndrome”.  He is “2” old and “2” tired “2” care.  I have used this saying a dozen times since he told me of it.  It actually perfectly describes my dating life for the past 3 years.  He says he has seen it all and while there are certainly differences in dating when you are a gay man, heartbreak hurts the same.

Although he is gay, in describing some of our past relationships, you would think we were dating the same people.  Lucien graduated high school in 1983, during the height of the AIDS epidemic.  He was in a 10 year committed and monogamous relationship so he missed a lot of the risk.  Many of his friends however did not, and he has seen much devastation.

He is offended by the cost of AIDS medications in the United States and would like to change that.  For example, he has a friend who is on mediation that costs $3000 in the States and $500 in Canada.  He is ashamed by how our government treats their own people, yet spends billions of dollars helping others.  He would like to see things made better here.

We talked about so many things and there was simply not enough time.  This is a man with a lot of opinions, and while we did not agree on everything, he made me think, changed my mind on a couple of things, and made me want to make a difference in the lives of others.  We live blessed lives and true joy comes from sharing our blessings with others.

We eventually got to talking about reality television and this man is in it for real.  There is no reality show he won’t watch, and while he dislikes more than he loves, he is addicted and not ashamed.  We are both certain that those who judge our addiction are secretly watching reality TV at home and living in shame.  Reality cowards!

Lucien loves Gretchen and Tamra from the OC, which was the one time I questioned his sanity.  He likes Brandi and Lisa from Beverly Hills, is over New Jersey, will soon be done with NYC, and would like to see DC come back. I might need to do another interview with him just to talk TV.  We are not on the same page, but totally reading the same book.

This series has been a blast and there is a lot more to come.  I have a long list of people I want to chat with, and a long list of people who have offered to be interviewed.  I will get to as many as I can, and have a dream that one day we will all meet in Vegas for a weekend of chatting, booze and laughs.  Thanks to @MintedRoyalty for keeping it real.