Conversations From Twitter – Part 4

I was very excited about doing this series of interviews, and while I knew it would be great, I was not sure how long it would last.  I have been interviewing people that follow my reality blog on Twitter and with each person I talk to I find myself loving the series more.  They are ordinary people leading extraordinary lives and they inspire me.

I knew I would connect to these people because of a love of, and addiction to, reality television, but I am surprised by how touched I am by their collective life experiences.  This week I spoke with Penny Drossos from New Jersey.  She is very popular on Twitter, has loyal fans, and was exactly what I expected her to be, with some terrific surprises thrown in.

Penny can be found on Twitter @PDKHair.  She owns La Chateau Allure Salon in New Jersey and a lot of people think she should be a new cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  She is a friend of Teresa’s, which should be reason enough to add her because it would be nice to see Teresa have a friend in the sea of bitter hags we are now watching.

I loved Penny the moment she started talking.  She is originally from Queens and her accent is ridiculous.  I could listen to her talk for hours.  Her accent is thick and her personality is large.  There is no way to misunderstand what Penny says.  She is honest, blunt, uncensored and hilariously funny.  I want to be her neighbor and hang out with her every single day.

Penny worked for many years as special education teacher, specializing in kids with autism.  She loved her work but found that when she had her own children, she lost some of patience.  At that point she decided to leave teaching and go into hairdressing.  Just because she changed careers, she was unable to walk away from the students she loved so much.

Every Tuesday is Special Needs Day at Penny’s salon.  She welcomes children and adults to the salon to get their hair done.  They can enjoy the pampering and hang out in a safe and non-judgmental environment.  Some of the “kids” who come are the same student Penny taught years ago.  They are now young adults and Penny loves them now as she did then, completely.

Penny has been married to Johnny for 12 years and their relationship is worthy of it’s own TV show.  As Penny and I talked, Johnny would chime in on occasion and I was cracking up.  He is very funny.  You can find him on Twitter @JohnnyTheGrk and I suggest you follow this couple because they are very entertaining.  An interview with Johnny is coming soon!

Penny and Johnny have two kids and are both business owners.  The salon for Penny, and Rutt’s Hut Restaurant for Johnny.  Rutt’s is famous for their hot dogs, which people go nuts over.  Penny and Johnny are local celebrities and if their New Jersey fans have anything to say about it, that will change and they will be household names.  I hope they are right.

Listening to Penny talk about her life had me in stitches.  Both she and Johnny are Greek and they met a Greek function years ago.  It took her a couple of years to agree to a date, but once she did it was over and they were together.  Important to note that she promised to call him and never did.  She totally blew him off for a very long time.

She ran into him at another party, years after first meeting him, and finally agreed to the date.  The lesson here is that there are really wonderful men our there and we don’t look because we are too busy, or think they are not our type.  Time for ladies to open their eyes and pay attention to what is in front of us because there are great men close by.

She loves her husband more than anything but often thinks about medicating him.  These two are a comedy act.  Penny is honest, open, and not at all pretencious or entitled.  She is a real person, living a real life, and she makes you feel like you know her.  She is ballsy and unfiltered, but supportive and nurturing.  I simply adored this woman and want to be her friend.

Penny is friends with Teresa Guidice so she is a bit of a RHoNJ insider.  She loves Teresa and is pissed off she is being targeted this season.  It is hard for her to watch her friend be under attack, but she knows Teresa is strong and she is standing by her.  She is also a bit of a pain in the ass for Bravo. By pain in the ass of course I mean they are scared of her.

She is a straight shooter who is not afraid to speak her mind, stick up for her friend, and call out the liars.  Bravo would be smart to include Penny because it would bring some truth back to the show, but the problem is they don’t want truth.  They like the fighting, lies, and hate.  They are so out of touch with the fans they don’t get we are tired of watching.

Penny is hesitant to participate because of her children.  She fears parents of their friends will not want them to hang out with the reality show kids, that freaks would come out of the woodwork, and attack her strong marriage with lies.  That said, she would not do the show without her kids, her husband, and a look into her real life.  It’s a dilemma.

She does not care about the money but she does care about the show and the fans, of which she is one.  She, like all of us, would like it to get back to the fun romp it was, and I truly think including her would give Bravo their best shot at making that happen.  Penny is the perfect reality star.  She will make us laugh and remind us why we used to love this show.

I asked Penny to tell me three words that described her and she chose outspoken, loud, and loyal.  After talking to her for an hour, my three words to describe penny Drosso are sincere, funny, and ballsy.  This woman has nothing to hide and no fear when it comes to sharing her truth, helping others show theirs, and calling people out on their crap.

Penny is Greek, hangs out with Italians, and has a very Jewish vibe.  Talking to her reminded me of chatting with an old school Jewish woman who lays it out.  Maybe I like because she is just like my mom!  You never need to wonder what her opinion is because she will tell you.  Penny does what other housewives (Manzo) are unable to do.  She keeps it real.