Jewish Girl is Too Hot for Orthodox Boss

Lauren Odes is a Jewish girl from Jersey.  She is a 29 year old blonde bombshell who looks like Anna Ferris.  More Playboy than Cosmopolitan, she is pretty.  We learned this week that after working less than a month for a lingerie manufacturer owned by Orthodox Jews, she was fired.

After being fired she did what any hot chick would do, she called Gloria Allred to represent her in a lawsuit for discrimination and wrongful termination.  It’s a shame she didn’t get a regular attorney instead of the fame-whore Allred, as her case became silly the moment she hired her.

I’m not a lawyer, but I am a follower of pop culture and Gloria Allred is an ambulance chasing hot mess.  She likes being famous, having her picture taken, the sound of her own voice, and manages to make serious cases silly just by associating herself with them.  I’m just not a fan.

Odes claims she was fired for being “too hot.”  She felt her Orthodox Jewish bosses were critical of her provocative attire and eventually let her go.  Interesting that she could not wear a tight black dress that completely covered her to work, but they sell crotchless panties to the masses.

Lauren worked for Native Intimates as a data entry clerk.  She was not in the store hawking panties, but rather in the office.  She is petite, with great boobs, and claims she was asked to tape them down in an attempt to make them less noticeable.  I’m sure her boobs were not the problem.

This is a nice looking girl whose looks demand stares.  From the boobs, makeup, and bleached blonde hair, you don’t look like this and expect to sit quietly in the corner unnoticed.  There is simply no way she interviewed for this job without them noticing what her body looked like.

Lauren released the following statement: “I do not feel an employer has the right to impose their religious beliefs on me when I’m working in a business that’s not a synagogue, but sells things with hearts on the female genitals and boy shorts for women that say hot in the buttocks area.”

Allred said that the constant attention and staring at Odes from her employers was “discriminatory, profoundly humiliating and unlawful.”  Really? I imagine this woman is stared at all the time and so it seems odd that she would take offense to it now and do it all so publicly.

The owners of Native Intimate have not responded to the allegations.  I figure some idiot thought it would be fun to hire a hot girl so he could stare at her all day and it backfired.  I’m guessing it was a man who hired her because women don’t like hot chicks hanging around.

I once worked for an Orthodox organization as an event planner and fundraiser.  I put on a gala and raised a huge sum of money.  I brought them celebrities and new donors, but after the event I was fired for wearing a pantsuit to the event as it was offensive to the Orthodox men.

I made a stink and they settled to keep me quiet.  They knew I was not Orthodox when they hired me, and I actually wore pants to my interview. They fired me because I did not follow the same religious beliefs as them and so I can believe that Lauren was fired because she was sexy.

She showed the outfits she wore and they were fine.  The men dug looking at her, they were turned on, could not focus, their wives were pissed off, and she was canned.  She should never have been hired let alone fired.  They should fire whoever it was that hired her.

Stories like this annoy me because it paints Orthodox Jews in a bad light. They live a very old life, in modern times, and I’m sure it’s hard, but the hypocrisy is massive. They should admit they made a mistake, give her severance, sell kippot instead of panties, and call it a day.

In the end who cares?  She was offensive to them, they fired her, and that is their right.  Equally as offensive is a Jewish girl hiring Allred and publicly humiliating the owners, and putting the keepers of the traditions of her faith on display in a bad light.  In the end it is sad.

I searched Native Intimates online and ended up ordering a little something so it’s not all bad.  Their name is out there, business will boom, Lauren will pose for Playboy, and the delicate balance of panties and prayers will continue.  I guess boobs are bad when you’re trying to keep the faith.