Conversations From Twitter – Part 2

Last week I began my series of interviews with reality TV fans who follow me on Twitter.  I spoke with He is not a fan of Twitter and thinks I should not be on there.  He does not get how mean people are, particularly to me, but when he started to read through he asked who people were and I explained to him that Bea was a Twitter spy.  He thought I was crazy.

My kid told me that Bea seemed great, was defending me to crazy people, and she was not a spy.  He then proceeded to tell me that if I actually thought there were spies on Twitter, I had lost my mind and needed to delete my Twitter account.  I look back at the conversation now and I laugh so hard my stomach hurts.  Twitter is insane.

I told the spy story to Bea and we had a good laugh.  In the end Bea is not a spy, although for the record I do believe there are spies on Twitter.  Bea is a nice woman who loves her family, loves her friends, works hard, is kind, sweet, and has a serious reality television addiction.  She is also very smart in that she is able to enjoy the best parts of Twitter.

She is savvy when it comes to both Twitter and reality TV.  She has learned how to distinguish good from crazy and light from dark.  You must earn her trust, but when you have it, she is a loyal and devoted friend.  I asked Bea to tell me three words to describe herself and she said friendly, adventurous, and open minded.  I agree with her self-assessment.

Bea loves reality TV and while the shows are embarrassing, she is not embarrassed to be watching.  She started watching reality with The Real Housewives of Orange County.  When the show started she watched and thought how great it would be to have the life she saw.  After several seasons of crap she wouldn’t want to change places with them.

Talking to Bea was like talking to an old friend that I have known forever. She is charming, laughs easily, and makes you feel comfortable immediately. She loves discussing her favorite shows, and reads quite a few blogs.  Her favorite blogger is Real Old Housewife.  I blame my not being her favorite on that damn Bethenny Frankel.

Bea has mastered the art of Twitter and I am a little envious of that.  She is able to have fun, quickly identify the crazy people, maintain her cool, laugh at the drama, and be in the middle of things while safely watching from the sidelines.  She could be a spokeswoman for Twitter because she is one of the few people who get it.

Bea is a sweetheart and I loved talking with her.  I am happy my son convinced me she was not a spy, I respect her for respecting the opinions of others and engaging in conversations with class and kindness. I would even meet her in person! I look forward to the next installment of this series because fans are good at keeping it real.