Zuckerberg Ties the Knot but Money Trumps Marriage

Mark Zuckerberg got married.  Mazel Tov.  He is a Jew, she is a Gentile, and so another one bites the dust.  Priscilla Chan is a nice young doctor so that’s a sweet Jewish touch, but we really know nothing about this couple or how their wedding went down.  What we do know for sure is they have been together for nearly a decade, and people are obsessed with their money.

I have read countless articles wondering about a pre-nup agreement between them, but none that ask what kind of cake they had, if they signed a Katuba, or if he changed into a hoodie for the reception.  Zuckerberg is a billionaire, which is lovely, but he is also a young guy, who after almost 10 years married his girlfriend, who happen to be a Harvard educated pediatrician.

From what I can see, she is not a flashy gold digger.  She is a sweet girl, who appears to have been focused on accomplishing something in her life, rather than spending the money of her freakishly brilliant boyfriend.  I’m not a lawyer, and frankly even if I was, I would not be writing articles questioning what their pre-nup looks like should they have one.

While I have no real interest in whether they signed one or not, my romantic heart thinks they did not.  They fell in love as kids with nothing.  She has been with him through his Facebook career and loved him when he had both twenty bucks and twenty billion.  I do not think they entered into this union, after so long, worrying about how to divide the money.

She looks lovely in her wedding photo, but also seemed annoyed that they needed to release a picture at all.  These are private and unpretentious people who lead private and unpretentious lives, who happen to also be very young, very accomplished, and worth a lot of money.  We can speculate all we want about a pre-nup, but can’t we also just be happy for them?

I wish the lovely doctor and her new husband all the best.  Marriage is hard. Even after being together for a decade, marriage is still hard.  I hope they are able to continue to conduct their lives in relative privacy, have a couple of babies, and live happily ever after.  We don’t know anything about them as real people, but I imagine I would like this couple very much.

I’m more curious about what they danced to than how many shares she got. I’m more interested in whether they stomped on a glass and did the Hora, than how many lawyers have an opinion on their finances.  I am more interested in why Mark forced me to put a timeline on my Facebook page when it was perfectly fine without one. 

In the end these kids will spend the rest of their lives fighting for privacy and I hope they get it.  They have taken the plunge and let’s be clear, their struggles will be the same as all of us.  They will have the money stresses of any other newlywed couple, just from a different angle.  In the end who cares?  Be happy, love each other, lose the timeline, and keep the faith.