Pacquiao vs. Mayweather vs. Gay Marriage

Like millions of people around the world, I have been waiting for the day that Manny and Floyd will get in the ring and have at it.  Proving for once and for all who the better fighter is, but I don’t imagine it will ever happen.  Why fight in the ring and risk humiliation when they can continue to fight outside the ring?  Their not fighting is both pathetic and funny.

The tension between the boys heated up when Pacquiao gave an interview to the National Conservative Examiner where he said he did not believe in gay marriage.  He was misquoted as saying he thought gays should be put to death, which is based on a biblical passage from Leviticus.  The reporter has since said Manny never actually quoted the bible.

If Manny never said it, I’m not sure why the reporter implied he did, but whatever.  Manny wants everyone to know he has a gay relative who can’t help it if he was born that way.  Manny is a religious guy and I’m not attacking him for his opinion, I do think however he never should have shared it.  Does it matter what he thinks about gay marriage?

I love Manny Pacquiao.  He is a brilliant fighter, a hero to many, and a man who has made a difference for many people in the Philippines.  It’s a shame that he felt the need to share this particular opinion and is now forced to defend himself.  For me personally, I support same sex marriage and the rose colored glasses that I view Manny with are now a little foggy.

When it comes to boxing I prefer Manny to Floyd.  I am not a fan of Mayweather as a boxer and am firmly on Team Pacquiao.  That said, when Manny was banned from The Grove shopping center in LA for his view on gay marriage, Floyd tweeted that he was in support of gay marriage and as an American citizen believes people should do what they want.

No matter what I think about Floyd as a boxer, and even though his opinion, whether true or not, was probably shared in an attempt to hurt Manny, I love him for saying it.  I’m not one that puts a lot of meaning into the opinions of celebrities but it’s a shame these two are again fighting outside of the ring because it makes them look silly.

I don’t believe anyone should have to defend their religious beliefs.  I may not agree with Manny, but I do not sit in judgment of his faith.  I may agree with Floyd on this subject, but I do sit in judgment of his timing in sharing his opinion.  I will even go farther and say that once again Floyd has come out looking like a dirty fighter and Manny is being attacked.

I wonder if there will ever be a time when these two are talked about in the same article in terms of boxing.  Manny does not believe in same sex marriage.  I disagree with him but he is still the greatest boxer in the world. Floyd believes everyone should have the right to be married, and I agree with him, but he is still afraid to get in the ring with Manny.

If you take the boxing out of it, and take the sensitive subject of gay marriage out of it also, these two men are behaving like children.  They dance around each other, throwing verbal jabs, and making the focus of their relationship about everything but boxing.  While it’s somewhat entertaining, it will eventually just get old and boring.

Many and Floyd will also get old and boring.  They need to put aside all the garbage and get back to what is important here.  They are boxers.  Two of the best in the world, and they owe us.  We have watched them, bought into them, and our interest has helped to make them rich.  They need to respect us as fans, stop talking, and get in the ring with each other.

I am willing to bet that a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will never happen.  It will be one of those epic battles that we all wish for, but never see.  It’s a shame because we would respect them more for fighting and losing than never fighting at all.  As for gay marriage, I am for it as much as I am for the fight, so I am keeping the faith.