My Mother, My Son, Myself — Happy Mother’s Day

I am sad to be away from my mother on Mother’s Day.  I’ve been thinking back and I don’t believe I have been with my mom on Mother’s Day for 20 years, which seems so wrong.  We talk of course, but it’s not the same thing.  Ever since I became a mother myself, we have had three conversations every Mother’s Day.

I will call her to tell her I love her.  When we have chatted about anything and everything, we hang up and she immediately calls me to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.  We manage to find new things to talk about, which is always lovely.  It is important to her that we both call, which I love, so she always calls right back.

At the end of the day we chat again about our day.  These three calls make me happy, but as I sit home on this Mother’s Day, I regret I did not fly home to surprise my Mom.  I love her very much and one of the true blessings of my being a mother, is that I understand how she loves me by how much I love my own child.

My son loves me in a way that I can really feel.  We are very close and I am fortunate that he is my friend in addition to my child.  Yesterday he was involved in a bad car accident and so this morning I woke up feeling grateful for Mother’s Day.  I sat and watched my son sleeping and was overcome with emotion.

He was going to meet some friends when he was involved in a hit and run. Someone sideswiped his car and took off.  My son was left alone, scared and nervous, because the person who hit him did not have the decency to stop and make sure he was okay.  I don’t understand how you can hit a car and not stop.

When I got to my son he was shaken up, crying, and hugged me as if he was a little boy.  I held onto him tightly and kicked into Super Mom.  We called the police and the insurance company to file reports, and I poked and prodded until I was certain he was physically okay. Three hours after the accident, we were back home.

He went to take a shower as I stood in my kitchen and cried.  This young man is the reason my heart beats and the accident was scary.  I was strong and supportive, but the second he was in the shower I broke down.  I cried tears of relief he was ok, and tears of fear that I will worry about him for the rest of my life.

I am a good mother.  By good of course I mean brilliant.  I was raised by a wonderful mother and am blessed to be able to give my child the love and lessons my mother gave me.  There is a thread that connects my mother, my son, and myself.  It is strong and allows us to see, feel, and understand the love we share.

I am about to have my first call of the day with my mom and I am excited. Soon my son will wake up and I am going to try really hard to not burst into tears when he comes to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.  When my son calls my mother to thank her for being such a great mom, I will see the thread and be grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day.  My hope is that all of us are able to see the thread that connects us, and marvel at its strength.  Not only at how it ties together our own families, but also how it binds us to each other.  We are mothers and that makes us all the same, regardless of race, religion or location.  We are the same.

If you are with your mom, lost your mom, are a first time mom, or a seasoned professional, enjoy your day.  If you are a step-mom, a mother-in-law, or the mother to your pets, it’s your day too.  Celebrate the blessings in your life. I see the thread, I am honored to share it, and I am fiercely protective of it and all it means.

To the mother of my Englishman, you did a wonderful job and I am grateful for you today.  To my sisters and sister-in-law, you are my heroes and I love you.  To the step-mother of my son, you have loved my child as if he were your own and while I have struggled with that, I have always been thankful.

To my mother, I love you.  To my son, I love you.  To all mothers, I am sending you prayers for health and happiness.  To the person who felt it was okay to endanger the life of my child, and was too much of a coward to make sure he was okay, I am one pissed off mother and karma is a bitch, so you better be keeping the faith.