Shahs of Sunset Finale Recap – Finally!

I don’t know what is harder to believe, that the first season of Shahs of Sunset is over, or that someone at Bravo actually thought that 6 weeks of this show would be enough.  Really Bravo?  We are hooked, and now we are also pissed.  These people make for good television and 6 weeks is lame.  We were just starting to figure this group out and they are done.  Not cool.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the show ended, and I figured I would finally get around to blogging the finale.  The good news is that it has been announced that season two is coming.  I really hope Seacrest Productions will not set up as many scenes, and just let these people loose.  They are fascinating and interesting without all the fake stuff thrown in.

The finale starts with Mike and GG hanging out and it’s awkward.  GG clearly sees their relationship differently and you can’t help but wonder why.  She thinks there is underlying love between them, but she is just the little sister of someone he once dated.  She is flirting with him and he is telling her there is never going to be anything between them.  It’s odd.

She is in love with him, but he is not in love with her.  If he dated my sister it would be enough for me to not date him, but she seems either determined or delusional.  Does she really like him or is she so competitive with her sister she wants him just to say she got him?  I like Mike and think he handles GG well.  I like GG, but she needs to move on and let go.

MJ goes to visit Reza and they talk about his trip to New York and the fact that he has reconciled his relationship with his dad.  In his quest for peace with his dad, he wants to have peace between MJ and her mom.  It’s quite mean.  Reza tells MJ that her mother does no love her and it’s too much.  I thought it was harsh, mean spirited, and simply not nice.

MJ says that her mom loves her, she is just mean to her, and it’s heartbreaking.  MJ’s mother Vida is hardened by her life and sadly does not see that she is dumping her crap on her only child.  Divorce can screw people up in the most loving of families, but with a mother like Vida it is made even harder.  I believe she loves her in her own crazy way.

MJ is getting ready for a double date with Sammy.  She is setting him up with a nice Jewish girl, and he is bringing a nice Persian guy for her.  She has not been on a date in a while so she is excited.  She gets dolled up and is going with an open mind.  We meet the girl she picked for him and she is very pretty and seems sweet.  MJ’s date?  Not so much.

Sammy brings a guy that MJ actually dated before.  They had a relationship years ago and Sammy thought it was worth them trying again.  Really Sammy?  MJ looks like she wants to kill herself, Sammy could care less about her discomfort, and his date is clearly not into him. They go into the bar and MJ wants to sit as far away from her date as possible.

He is creepy looking, lusting over MJ, and she is checked out.  The girl for Sammy is looking at him and clearly wondering what the hell she is doing there.  He then tells her she needs to be a little more toned.  This is a very pretty girl with a nice body, and Sammy is telling her she needs to get toned?  Sammy?  Toned? This scene makes him look like a putz, which he is not.

Over with MJ, her date has his hands all over her and not only is she is not into it, but while she is being mauled, Sammy does not seem to care. Sammy’s date Hannah is getting annoyed that Sammy is not helping MJ and before they know it MJ bails.  Not sure I would have left my girlfriend there with them, but she bails and Sammy thinks she is simply in the bathroom.

I love me some Sammy but this was just lame.  He should never have set her up with such a loser, especially a loser she has dated before.  He is oblivious to what he’s done which makes him a douchebag.  Cut to Reza and MJ going for a walk with the dogs and she tells him all about the date.  Important to note: Reza is perfect reality television.  A star is born.

He is sympathizing with MJ and goes back and forth between English and Farsi, which I love.  Mike calls to say he has closed a deal and wants everyone to get together to celebrate.  Cute Reza makes sure it’s cool with MJ as Sammy will be there.  How can you not love Reza?  By love him of course I mean gay or not, I would date Reza.  He is fabulous.

GG is out on a date with a very handsome Persian doctor and she is very nervous which is cute, but she is socially awkward, which is hilarious.  He arrives before her and orders a drink, which she is clearly annoyed with.  I agree.  Don’t order until I get there.  It’s called manners.  GG is trying to eat soup with noodles and I feel bad for how ridiculous she looks.

GG gives up on the soup and tells the nice handsome doctor that she likes crazy people like Dahmer and Manson.  She then tells him her baby factory is open.  It is a horrible date and you have to wonder if all her dates are like this.  She is beautiful, but in need of some dating lessons.  I love this girl and even though she is a little rough around the edges, she is a doll.

Asa is with the Persian Barbara Walters and she is asking her for guidance in a completely passive aggressive way.  It’s scripted and fake and a total drag because had this been an organic conversation, it would have been fascinating.  Instead it’s a fake conversation on the beach and I’m over it. Asa is talented, but she is whoring her work out and it’s not cute.

Sammy goes to meet MJ for a chat so there is no tension at Mike’s celebratory dinner and he approaches her starting a fight.  It is a he said/she said thing and frankly, I don’t care. Both behaved badly but Sammy brought her ex so at the end of the day he is to blame.  His humiliating her on television is a low blow and he looks like a schmuck.  Again.

I love Sammy but he is wrong here.  He never should have said he struggled to get her a date.  Not good Sammy.  He then walks out on her and so payback is complete.  Move on kids.  MJ is with Asa and it’s fake.  It pisses me off because it’s just not needed here.  There are plenty of reality shows that need help, but these people are good being authentic.

MJ is out for lunch with her mom and it’s brutal.  I like Vida.  By like of course I mean I feel sorry for her that she has allowed her own sadness and bitterness to dictate how she parents her daughter.  It’s sad.  MJ asks her if she is proud of her and her mom can’t say it.  It’s very upsetting to watch and I feel horrible for MJ that this is their relationship.

That said, I think her having this conversation on camera is not nice.  She is humiliating her mother and that’s not cool.  Vida is mean and that is never going to change so the only reason to do it on the show is to embarrass her.  For her mom to say MJ is not marriage material is a stab to the heart and my advice to MJ would be to get distance.

Asa has a party to show her art and play her song and it’s lovely.  Her parents are adorable, the house is fabulous, Reza is delicious, her art is interesting, and her music is quite good.  I wish her well and am glad this show was able to springboard her career.  However, don’t say you don’t want to sell out, then do a reality show and exploit yourself.

We see Reza having a conversation with his dad and yes, I cried.  I love Reza and think he is a role model for men, gay or straight.  The dinner is a way to wrap up the season and it’s really nice.  We see that at the core of these people is friendship.  They love each other and that allows us to easily love them also.  We end the season wanting more, which is a home run.

Mike, GG, Reza, MJ, Sammy, Asa are real people which makes this reality show entertaining.  I will watch them when they come back for season two and look forward to seeing how things will change, or perhaps stay the same. This show was a huge hit and I get it.  We watch not to see a train wreck, but rather because we crave a reality show that keeps it real.