The Real Housewives of New Jersey Hate Teresa

I like this show even though the women featured are fake on many levels. They live lives that they want us to think are fabulous, but what they show us is not necessarily true.  They are decent and hardworking people, who also happen to be dysfunctional and living in denial about how much money they have, and how they got it.  The chicks of New Jersey are fascinating.

The leader of the pack for me is Teresa.  I like her, but I didn’t always.  I watch these shows and write about what I see each week, and over the years I have not liked Teresa at certain times.  That said, I really like her now. She is great television and when I interviewed her it was over for me.  I freaking love this chick and she is the star of the show in my opinion.

Not only is she my favorite, she is also the break out star. Actually, Milania is the star of the show, but since she is not a housewife I cannot really give her the #1 spot.  Teresa is funny, simple, compelling, and sweet.  Everyone on this show hates her.  The jealousy they all feel for her palpable and the focus of the editing which is a shame and bad decision from Bravo.

I will watch, and blog, for now.  Honestly though, I have stopped watching and blogging about Atlanta and Orange County because they are simply bad television.  If Bravo sticks with the everyone be mean and hate on Teresa plot, I will be out of this one too.  Sidebar:  Andy lets people crap all over Teresa on WWHL and it is embarrassing.  Grow some balls Andy.

We start the show with Jacqueline sending Ashlee off to Vegas.  First of all, I do not get why Jac is on this show.  She is boring and brings nothing to the table.  She is also more focused on her new family than she is on helping her daughter.  She is not doing a good job in my opinion and her crying about how hard it is for her is sickening already.  She is beyond boring.

We skip over to Lauren who tells us she left Chateau after her opening and you have to wonder what the hell she’s been doing this whole time besides eating.  She is at a nutritionist with her mom and is going to try to lose weight.  She is a beautiful girl and if she loses weight or not, this is a sweet girl.  She is clearing looking for a diet endorsement deal, which is lame.

Teresa is with Juicy and they are talking about the pizza parlor closing.  I feel bad for Teresa.  Her husband is out of control.  I believe he is cheating, embarrassing his children and humiliating his wife.  Teresa loves him and he does not seem to get it or care.  I hope they work it out but I’m not sure they can.  I wish for Teresa all the things that she wishes for herself.

Rich is out with his son Joe teaching him about life and it’s lame.  I like this family but lately Rich has been a little mean and two faced so he is not that interesting anymore.  Kathy is a follower not a leader and she borders on pathetic.  They don’t have anything to show about Kathy and Rich so they bring in their kids, but they are not that interesting either.  Too bad.

Albie is driving Ashlee to the airport and as much as I love my readers and want to provide them with a thorough recap, I cannot listen to this.  Ashlee is ridiculous.  Albie is ridiculous.  I cannot do it.  She is wishing she could be drunk, and talking about things that prove we are not dealing with a scientist here.  She is a mess and the blame can be placed on her mom.

Joe and Melissa are up next trying to show us they are successful and rich. Melissa is complaining about Teresa and I don’t get the point of it.  Do they want us to think they are rich?  Is showing his booming business right after they show us Joe’s failing business supposed to make them look fabulous? The editing here is shameful and Melissa is shady.  Not cool.

Ashlee misses her plane and Jac is gross about it.  She really does not seem to care about this child and makes no attempt to hide it.  She did not hug or kiss her good bye, and is annoyed she is coming back to the house.  Jac is humiliating her kid and I think that is wrong. I am skipping over the Ashlee is a moron segment and will return when I can stomach this crap.

Everyone is now at Jac’s house, with Teresa on the way.  Melissa and Joe are trashing Teresa and Caroline and Kathy jump on the bandwagon.  Teresa arrives looking gorgeous, while Caroline looks like crap. She apologizes again for her any hurt feeling her book caused and it’s stupid.  It was not an apology, which is fine because she does not owe anyone anything.

This is a group of people who are jealous.  They cannot stand that Teresa is the only one to turn the show into a moneymaker.  Black Water? On Display? Kathy’s Bakery?  No success here at all.  Melissa makes a dig at Teresa and it’s dumb.  Bravo is systematically ruining every city in this franchise, making it impossible to watch.  I will be sad to give up New Jersey.

The men go to play poker while the women stay in the kitchen.  Cut to the next day and Juicy has a black eye. Turns out Juicy and Rich got into a little wrestling match and end up getting into a fight.  We learn that Rich does not have balls and Juicy likes to grab balls.  With each passing moment I feel more sorry for Teresa. She is rich in success and poor in support.

We are back with Kathy and her family and I want to go to bed.  These kids and this family are not interesting so why bore us in this way?  I have no idea what is happening in this scene because I am checked out.  Some kid is sending naked pics to Kathy’s son and she is mortified, but he is thrilled. Does anyone in the world think this scene was interesting?  Not me.

Melissa is recording her new song and I want to impale myself.  Dear Lord, why are we spending so much time watching her get auto-tuned?  Just when I think I might choke on my own vomit, it’s Milania time.  I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL.  Every one of Teresa’s kids is divine and these girls need their own show.  They are all fabulous but Milania is simply perfection.

Joe is home with the girls alone and it’s sad.  He is not focused on the kids and Gia is acting like the caretaker, which makes me cringe because she is just a little girl.  Juicy has the boys over for cards and it’s lame.  We know what happened here and it’s been months, so why bore us now?  Surely they had better footage than this.  Juicy is a douche, but so are the other men.

Teresa is at a book signing and some chick goes off about Juicy and his court case and it’s painfully scripted.  Meanwhile Melissa and Joe Gorga are having dinner and she has a surprise for him.  He guesses she is pregnant, but the surprise is her presentation of her new ballad.  She is dedicating it to him and call me nuts, but I love Joe and how he loves Melissa. 

The song is not that great and I wonder if she actually wrote it.  She said it was about her thoughts about Joe, but if she didn’t write it then whose thoughts are they?  I think she probably has a nice voice but they are making her into a pop star which she is just too old to be.  She should have focused on being a singer not on reliving her childhood dreams.

Chris Manzo is talking and I’m not listening.  Why in the world do we care about any of the Manzo kids?  Enough.  Joe loves the song from Melissa and rewards her with some poison.  Jac pulls out baby pictures and pretends to be sad about Ashlee, and I could care less about any of it.  This show is about hating Teresa because everyone else on the show is boring.

This week WWHL was a continuation of the Teresa bashing. Kelly Osbourne went on and on about how horrible Teresa is and Andy said nothing.  Jac humiliates her daughter relentlessly, and then says she is great now.  This show is a hot mess of crap and next week looks like a train wreck but rather than the good reality TV kind, it is the kind that is unable to keep it real.