A Conversation with Roxanne of All About TRH

The world of reality television blogging is fascinating.  By fascinating of course I mean cutthroat.  It is a world where reality stars can talk to 5 bloggers in one day and each blogger calls it an “exclusive”.  For a genre of entertainment that is all about being real, there is not a lot of reality.

I talk to a few other bloggers on Twitter, and there are some lovely people who have chosen to get on the blogging train.  For every sweet person there is one who is in desperate need of both medication and incarceration.  It makes sense that the madness of reality TV would attract crazy.

I had been hearing a lot about a blogger called Rox.  She has a site called All About The Real Housewives and people seem to adore this woman.  I then started to get mentioned with her on Twitter.  People would tweet that Rox and I were their favorite bloggers and so I was very curious about her.

She would send me tweets saying hello, and when people would say they liked us both, she would always be gracious and say she was in good company with me.  I started to follow her on Twitter and began reading her site.  She is a talented writer with a kind heart, who has managed to remain decent.

She is able to write about people without judgment, and provides information without sounding like a trashy gossip rag.  Rox engages her readers in a way that they feel involved and connected.  I was intrigued so I wrote to ask if I could interview her.

I spoke with Rox this week and I was blown away.  She is not what I was expecting.  This is a remarkable young woman.  She is not even 20 years old, which makes me old enough to be her mother.  Having spoken to her, I now feel very protective of her.  This is a truly fabulous girl.

Roxanne is a full time college student, who has a job in addition to her blog. She is a first generation American, lives at home with her mother, and is gorgeous.  She should be on television, not just writing about it. With her movie star looks, and pure heart, she is special.

Rox started writing by accident.  She was a fan who joined Twitter to follow some of the stars.  One thing led to another and before she knew it she was tweeting, blogging, and creating her own website dedicated to reality TV. She is now hugely popular and a go to blogger.

She is not mean spirited or hurtful.  She stays out of the gutter, does not engage in Twitter wars, and stands on the sidelines to watch the craziness. She is aware of everything that goes on, just opts out of the drama.  She is young, but also mature beyond her years.  She is a grown up.

In a business where grown women act like high school mean girls, she is a voice of reason.  Some of the old hags who blog could learn a thing or two from this young girl.  Myself included because I get sucked into drama and I can take a tip or two from Roxanne.

Roxanne has a great accent.  It sounds like a mixture of east coast and Canada and it fabulous.  Her parents are originally from Iraq and they are very proud of their daughter.  Her father is amazed at how big her site has become and supports her 100% in her pursuits.

Her mother sounds adorable.  She thinks reality television is ridiculous and cannot understand why we care about these people.  I wonder that myself most days.  She is from a tight Catholic family and while they don’t exactly understand how this all happened, they love her.

Roxanne decided early on that she was going to be ethical.  She spends a lot of time fact checking and researching her stories. She also will not post stories that might be hurtful.  She is not out to humiliate anyone and does not write about a lot of things that are sent to her.

In the reality blogging world we all get things sent to us for stories.  People send pictures, private documents and damaging gossip stories about reality stars.  Roxanne reads everything, but rarely prints what is clearly crap being sent from someone with a grudge or agenda.

It is because of these choices that she is so close with many reality stars.  From housewives to mob wives, people like her and trust her.  They go to her when they want to talk because they know their voices will be heard.  This young girl has earned her stripes and it shows.

Roxanne is very open.  She was also supportive and kind to me. It was interesting to get advice from her. She could be my daughter, yet at one point in our conversation, she was like my mother. She spoke to me with a gentle firmness that I appreciated.

Rox has watched my Twitter struggles and let me know I did not need to worry.  She assured me the crazy people had no power and the people who read my blogs, herself included, could hear my voice and they were not paying attention the silliness that occasionally surrounds me.

She told me I won’t ever be able to please everyone so I need to please myself.  This is a remarkable woman and I found myself wanting to hug her.  I also wanted to protect her.  She is a doll and I want her to stay true to herself without getting sucked into the drama.

She may be young, but we can all learn something from Roxanne.  Reality bloggers need to pay attention to her because she is doing the job correctly. She is not jaded or bitter.  She does her job, does it well, and stares straight ahead without paying any attention to the trolls of Twitter.

I asked Roxanne to tell me three words that best described her and she chose grateful, ambitious, and confident.  I asked her if there was anything she wanted her fans to know about her and she said she was an open book and they already knew everything.  I love this girl.

I started the interview wondering why people lumped us together as their favorite bloggers, and ended our conversation flattered that I am being kept in her company.  Roxanne allowed me to set aside my jaded view for a minute and reminded me how great my job is.

There are a lot of reality television bloggers and there is a lot of competition.  That competition can lead to people being very unkind to each other and in the end it’s not like that for Rox and me.  We respect each other, like each other, and wish the best for each other.

I am inspired by this young woman and also proud of her.  She is building a life for herself, and she is going far.  I am so pleased I was able to speak with her and am lucky to call her my friend.  In the unreal world of reality TV, Roxanne is keeping it real.