Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Faith

This weekend marks an important time for people of many faiths.  It is Passover and also Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  I am someone whose life is made easier with faith.  I’m also one that does not judge people based on faith.  The way I see it, faith allows us to lean on something bigger than ourselves, and if it gives us peace, then what the higher power is does not matter.  Faith is beautiful and not about religion.

I hope that the people who celebrate the holidays of this weekend find peace within their faith.  For me, the weekend is about prayer.  Prayers of thanks for my Jewish life, prayers of thanks for my blessed life, and prayers of thanks for the health and happiness of my family and friends. Regardless of faith, this weekend involves a lot of food.  From Seder to Easter dinner, we are going to be eating lots of fabulous and delicious food.

Take time this weekend to be kind to a stranger.  Share your blessings with people in need, and let your faith inspire you to be light to someone in the dark.  Listen to a child laugh, reach out to someone you miss, ease someone’s sorrow, reflect on your struggles, make a new plan, love someone, be aware, be happy, cry tears of joy, hug like you mean it, and dance even if there is no music.  Enjoy the weekend. Celebrate, reflect, and keep the faith.