Shahs of Sunset: Colonic Anyone?

We start this week with Reza going over to GG’s for lunch. She is pretty and Reza is divine, but it felt a little too scripted to me.  I’m not sure if Bravo or Reza scripted it, but he got out of having to go the anniversary party of GG’s parents, and we were stuck watching an awkward exchange.

GG collects knives, likes to shoot guns, and has an apartment full of books on anger management.  It’s funny I suppose, but the scene was silly in my opinion.  Sammy is off to see Mohamed who is back.  I dig Sammy.  He is trying to impress Mohamud and it’s cute.  Again, the scene was not needed.

GG is out for lunch with her dad, who seems lovely.  He is telling her she needs to curb her spending, which is odd since he is the one who created this life for her.  She was a little disrespectful to her dad in telling him since her bills comes to his house, he is responsible to pay for them.  Not too nice.

GG tells us her parents have threatened to cut her off and I wonder why they just don’t.  GG needs to get a job and a therapist.  There is clearly more to her anger issues, and her dependency on her parents, but I like this girl.  I’m sure we’ll learn more, but even with what we know now, I like her.

Reza is over at MJ’s to walk the dogs.  MJ blames her parents for how their choices affected her, and Reza is looking to reconnect with his estranged father and wants MJ to go with him.  I love MJ and appreciate what she is saying.  I love Reza and hope his dad does good by him.

Reza thinks he is obese, and MJ needs to lose weight.  They have a history that spans decades and how they speak to, and about each other, is hilarious.  We see their truly authentic friendship and it’s fabulous.  I don’t think either one is obese, but I’m laughing out loud that they do.

GG and her sister go to buy their parents a car for their 40th anniversary. Her sister used to date Mike, is not as pretty as GG, and seems a little bitchy, but we are seeing her for 2 minutes so it’s impossible to know how she really is.  That said, in our first meeting she’s not that appealing.

Mohamed is back and Sammy is giving him a tour of what he did when he was gone.  Mohamed is hardcore and intimidating.  He is also oddly attractive, but if he cut his hair he’d be much better looking. Mohamed calls out Sammy for calling him anal and Sammy just rolls with it.

Asa is talking about her music and again, I just don’t get her.  She is beautiful, sweet and kind, but a little odd. I think it’s weird that she does not talk about how she can afford her lifestyle.  She owns a home, drives a nice car, and makes diamond water so is she also bankrolled by Daddy?

I like her music and if I understood the words I might like it better, but she is not willing to bend her artistic vision so one can assume she is a bit of snob, who is only working for the Persian community, and does not need to worry because her dad will cover her.  She should come clean.

Sidebar:  People wrote me to say MJ’s mom Vida was an anti-Semite who bashed Jewish women and were upset I did not call her out.  I think she is old, sad, bitter, and misunderstood.  On some level she hates her life, not Jews, and is there for controversy not comic relief.

Vida is over at MJ’s for her 34th birthday dinner with Reza.  They live in the same building which is fascinating.  Vida is difficult and I find myself stressed watching her.  One never knows what she will say and it’s nerve wracking.  Reza says Vida is the type of mother who eats her young.

I love Reza.  Vida has been alone for a long time and she is bitter. She is also very pretty.  Reza is sweet with Vida, and tells her she is excited to go and see his dad in New York.  There is a lot of pain for Reza and the visit is going to be intense.  Speaking of intense, here goes Vida!

Vida tells Reza what happened between his parents has nothing to do with him and he needs to let it go.  Vida says it’s okay for Reza’s dad to be a playboy and cheat around, then tells Reza to not put his dad in a cage and let him cheat.  MJ is mortified and Reza looks at her like she is crazy.

MJH shares that her mother cheated on her father and it’s sad.  Vida does not realize that the choices she made for herself have altered the life of her child and it’s sad.  I love MJ and find myself feeling sad for Vida.  She will never change so all MJ can do it love her, which is also sad.

Sammy buys some diamond stud earrings for MJ’s birthday and it’s a sweet gift.  They are very close friends and he loves her.  To Sammy, my birthday is on Saturday so let me know when we should go shopping.  This scene was about showing the spending of money and had no real value.

MJ and Reza are having birthday colonics and it’s hilarious.  Reza thinks it will help MJ lose weight.  The entire colonic scene reminds me of Lucy and Ethel.  Reza could carry his own show, and when he is on the table getting flushed, he looks really handsome which is simply weird.

With each passing week we get to know these people more, well the side of them Bravo wants us to see, and I like them.  They are authentic people, who are part of a community and culture I am not familiar with, but they make me want to know more which is good.

Reza is on a blind date with someone described as the best looking man ever, and all I can say is really?  He is a child, not at all attractive, and I simply do not believe his real name is Cheyanne. He is lacking in personality and a sense of humor and I don’t get it.

Reza is 38, this kid is barely legal, and I feel Reza’s pain.  We’ve all been on horrible dates and you can’t help but laugh.  He was brave to do it on camera and even braver to sit through the whole thing. Camera or not I might have bailed. Reza’s got balls and I applaud him.

It’s the anniversary party for GG’s parents.  She looks very pretty and the party is lovely.  Her mother is stunning and her parents make a beautiful couple.  The girls give them the car and the reaction is funny.  Mommy is thrilled and Daddy realizes he must have paid for his own gift.

Mike turns up to the party and lets just take a moment to say yummy.  Asa also shows up which is nice.  By nice of course I mean scripted. Asa and GG are not friends so it’s weird she was even invited.  Asa is recognized by some of the party guests, so now we know whey she is there.

MJ is hours late and GG is going on about her anger issues.  There has got to be something big coming up that is going to explain the anger build up, but it’s boring already.  GG has anger issues, we get it.  Show us something or move on.  MJ was so late she should have not gone.

MJ comes and says she was busy and could not get there, then gives a dig to GG about having a real job.  GG is fuming, MJ is oblivious to how rude she is, but GG will let her know at another time.  Something big is coming and it’s going to be good.  It might be sad, but it will also be good.

Next week we see the visit with Reza and his dad, and yet another blow out from GG.  I love this show and dig these people, but Bravo needs to give us what we want and not drag it along.  We are watching, we are in it, we’re not leaving, and we can take it, so stop teasing and keep it real.