Dancing With The Stars Gets Personal

This week is about the stars dancing to a song from a memorable year for them.  It is sappy and dramatic, everyone cries telling their personal stories, and the sympathy vote is put into play.  Some were actually quite touching, but others were hilarious.  Sorry, but come on! This was some funny stuff.

Jack Wagner:  He is crying and talking about how his adult daughter, who he did not know existed, found him last year.  He is crying and it’s gross.  He is going to dance to one of his own songs, then dedicates it to her because he loves her so much.  The song starts with a line about how their kiss gets him going.  Interesting song selection. He is an overly animated dancer and I am hoping to see Heather Locklear come to watch, but he needs to go.

Maria Menounos: She talks about how her parents were Greek immigrants and they worked cleaning nightclubs at night.  They would take the kids to work because they could not afford a babysitter.  She says when she was cleaning she would find quarters and put them in the jukebox and dance to Madonna.  Are their jukeboxes in nightclubs?  Made no sense, but the dance was beautiful.  She is a great dancer and painfully annoying to listen to.

Gladys Knight:  She picks 1957, she was 13, and it was the first tour for her and the Pips.  She dances to a song by Sam Cook, who was on her tour.  She is a legend, an entertainer, and a brilliant voice.  I really like her as an artist and as a person.  She looks pretty, but she will stay because she is Gladys Knight, not because she is a brilliant dancer.  I met her at the taping last week and this woman is divine.  I ain’t got nothing but love for her.

Roshon Fegan:  This is a cute kid.  He picks a Michael Jackson song from 1996.  I met him last week and he was beyond lovely to my 10 year old guest. He is a great dancer, his number was fun, and while I have absolutely no idea who this kid is, I like him and hope he sticks around because he’s doing great.

Gavin Degraw:  He picks a Billy Joel song from a concert he saw in 1998, which is when he moved to NYC to be a singer.  He speaks of how he was struggling and his dad came to see him and helped him get a gig.  It’s a lovely story, and he is very sweet.  I really like his personality and I think he is charming.  He was bottom two last week, but nailed it this week. I think he’s in the bottom because of lack of recognition, not because he sucks.

Sidebar:  Brooke Burke is a horrible MC.  She is awkward and weird and all she does every week is embarrass herself not enhance this show in any way. I have said it from her very first show and will say it again now:  she does not belong here and is not needed.  Tom rocks this show all by himself and they should dump her.  She is beautiful and very sweet, but she can go.

Katherine Jenkins: She picks 1996, when she was 15 years old, and her father passed away from cancer.  It was a heartbreaking story, a beautiful dance, and while I had not known of her before this show, I love her now. There is something really special about her.  She is talented, beautiful, charming and lovely.  I cried through her entire video and song.  I hope she will be in the finals, where she will have my vote.

Sherri Shepherd:  Sherri picks the year her son was born and Dear Lord I am crying again.  I am in awe of parents who have children who are ill and to hear Sherri spoke of her son is moving.  I’m crying, clapping, loving her dance, and loving when she went over to kiss her baby.  I am giving Sherri a vote and cheering her on.  Last week at the taping she was the nicest of the stars and really lovely to my young guest.  She is also a peanut!  Very, very short with killer boobs.

Melissa Gilbert:  She picks last year when she broke her back while on tour with Little House on the Prairie, The Musical.  Really?  That musical is enough for me to kick her off.  That and her dancing sucks.  I’m not a fan and think she should be the one to go.  Plus I think Max is an ass.

Jaleel White:  The rumor mill is saying that at rehearsal this week Jaleel stepped on Kym’s foot and then lost it on her.  He allegedly called her an idiot and asked producers why he was paired with such a stupid partner. Really?  If there is even a sliver of truth to this story then beyond my wanting him to go, he should be asked to leave.  Ungrateful schmuck.  His crying about wanting to entertain people was lame and I am over him.

William Levy:  He chose 1995 as his most memorable year because it’s when he left Cuba for America.  I love him.  LOVE HIM.  He danced beautifully, sang along to the words, showed his chest, and was perfect.  I love the American dream, he is living it, and he got my vote.  Bravo William.  Bruno hitting on him with his bedroom eyes was a perfect reality television moment, and William’s look of confusion and fear was even better.

Donald Driver:  He picked 2010, when his best friend died of cancer.  His dance was divine, he looked handsome, and you could feel the importance of the dance for him.  I love him and it’s not just because the Green Bay Packers are the greatest football team ever.  It was a brilliant job and he got a vote from me.

This was a really good week.  In the end it was Jack Wagner who got the boot, and I’m good with that.  We will continue to eliminate the weak and the strong will rise to the top.  I love this show.  It’s fabulous when a reality show is real.  Let’s also hope America uses her votes to keep it real.