“People are talkin, talkin ‘bout people.”  Bonnie Raitt

My Mom is awesome. She is funny, cool, intelligent, kind, a beautiful mother, and a phenomenal writer. She loves her job. Whether it is motherly duties, or giving her opinion, she is very good at both, especially the mother part.

My parents have been divorced for as long as I can remember. It is hard most definitely, but it is manageable. It has its ups and its downs, like everything does. One of the best ups is the fact that my mum and me have been given the blessing of long periods of alone time.  It is because of that we have become such good friends and formed such a tight bond.

I can’t even imagine the difficulties of being a single mom. Providing for yourself and a child. Having to know that the money you are making is feeding two mouths and keeping two people warm.  Money is hard to come by these days.  Because of that I wonder why anyone would want somebody else to lose his or her job.

Everybody has opinions. It is human nature. What I don’t understand is why because you don’t agree with somebody’s opinion, do you want them to suffer?  My mom is an amazing writer. I have read quite a few of her blogs and I do not see the problem. Sure, sometimes opinions can be harsh, but that is how she feels.

She never wishes anyone hardship. Why someone would do that to her is unknown to me. Her columns are well written and funny.  You don’t agree with them, you either keep your feelings to yourself or express them politely.  Not in a rude way that can really hurt peoples feelings.

I don’t have a Twitter account and my mom won’t let me see hers, but today when I got home from school she seemed sad so I asked her what was wrong and she told me Twitter hurt her feelings.  I know reality TV makes people a little nuts, and other bloggers can be crazy.

I also know my mom has worked hard, and if something makes her sad, I want to get rid of that thing.  My mom is not sitting home writing a blog for fun.  I mean it is fun for her, but it is also her job.  Today it’s my job.  I am writing this because I want to have my voice heard.

Since I can’t get Twitter shut down any time soon, I can tell the people who are mean to my mom to rethink their actions.  If you don’t like what my mother writes don’t read it.  I have been raised to be kind and so I will try to be kind here even though I am angry.

To the people who are attacking my mom, please leave her alone and to the people who want her fired, what if she were your mother?  Would you feel the same way?  I don’t know if I believe in karma but if I did, and was trying to get someone fired I’d be worried right about now.

Mom, you are smart, successful, and beautiful so just deal with the fact that you are cool so you will have haters.  You write for a well respected and important paper to not only our Jewish community but beyond.  Your voice is important and what you write is good.

This blog probably won’t help, and people might now be mad at me but to quote you mom “Whatever”.  The point here is for you to know I have your back.  When they hurt you they hurt me, so we are in this together because together we are stronger. 

I love you Ilana Angel.  I was thinking about what you would tell me if the tables were turned and I think I can nail it so here it goes.  Keep writing, keep me close, keep it real and no matter what anyone says to hurt your feelings, keep the faith.



Son of Ilana Angel

The Brilliant Jewish Journal Writer