The Backpedalling of Bethenny Frankel

It’s been a week since Bethenny’s “Lost at Sea” episode aired.  I sat in amazement at what I was saw.  If you read my blog on a regular basis you know that I used to love Bethenny but now find her to be the single most annoying reality television personality in America.  She is, in my opinion, a pathological liar so wrapped up in her lies, she no longer knows the truth.

I actually feel very bad for Bethenny.  Had she not built her career on a pile of lies, she would have been a beloved figure because she was the little girl who could. The problem is that she fabricated stories to get attention and sympathy, and when after years of trying to become famous, she finally made it but the lies had already started to unravel her credibility.

She talks a lot about her horrific childhood and her unfit parents, yet the only people who corroborate her stories are on her payroll.  She has a shady past in terms of the authenticity of her stories, which is fascinating because of the three people who can set the record straight, one is dead, one is unstable, and one is hiding.  I’m speaking of her dad, mom and step-dad.

Bethenny talked for months leading up to the episode about how they almost died.  After her claims of being lost and needing the USCG to help her, I spoke with both the Coast Guard and Tim Russell, the boat captain who “saved” her, and it quickly became clear that Bethenny had lied.  When I wrote about how she fabricated the story, she placed a gag order on the boat captain.

It would appear, having now seen the episode, that Bethenny has had a change of heart.  It is obvious that they were never in real danger.  Her lies are clear and so I imagine that is why she has been focusing on humiliating her husband and faking the end of her marriage.  If people feel sorry for her, will they overlook the blatant lying and manipulation of her fans?

I watch this show because I find her lies fascinating and am truly amazed by not only how she treats her husband, but by the fact that he seems to be okay with it.  He is humiliated, his family is disrespected, and he stays.  He is either a fame whore, has no balls, or perhaps has a girlfriend/boyfriend on the side and really does not care about it that much because he’s rich.

This fantastically scripted episode starts with Jason returning after he stormed off not wanting to go.  They get on the helicopter and head out to their therapy session.  We meet the other couple that is going with them, and they seem lovely.  Nobody knew they were even there all these months so one can assume there was a gag order there too.

Jason is not into it, Bethenny is scowling, and the fake therapist is annoying. They are going out for a few hours of team building and I am laughing.  This show is truly ridiculous and if we view it as a comedy we can laugh.  Not because it’s funny, but because it’s so stupid, it’s actually hilarious. Bethenny is doing her stand up routine but no one is even listening to her.

The boat is on the way.  The fake doctor is talking to Jason and it’s silly. Jason is laughing all the way to the bank and the fake doctor is looking off into the distance wondering if this gig will get him his own show.  He is dreaming about fame and fortune and its lame.  This doctor is unethical, not helpful, and selling his soul to the devil for fifteen minutes.

The metaphors about sailing and marriage is funny, but the added dramatic music and shots of Bethenny looking out over the vast ocean is simply too much.  How can anyone take this show seriously?  It is scripted by people who are paid to write whatever Bethenny tells them.  This show is fake and you have to wonder about the stability of those who defend her.

Bethenny spoke for months about how they could have starved because there was no food, yet she is making dinner in the kitchen.  There is ample food, enough for days, yet she wanted us to think there was nothing. Bethenny is cooking, Jason is seasick, the other couple is irrelevant, and Bethenny is complaining that Jason is not helping her cook dinner.

Jason is resting and everyone else is enjoying their dinner.  The dinner that Bethenny told us never happened.  The other couple is talking about their relationship and it inspired Bethenny to go talk to Jason.  So he is on the bed sick, Bethenny and the doctor are talking to him about serious stuff. Jason is nauseous so why does she think he gives a crap about talking.

Everything is once again traced back to Bethenny’s horrible childhood. I have my own opinions about her childhood so no need to rehash that, but at what point is she going to take responsibility for who she is an adult and stop blaming all of her problems and character flaws on her childhood and her parents?  We get that you suffered, blah, blah, blah.  Move on already.

Jason is defending his parents, again, and Bethenny says she is letting them into her life but it takes time.  Really?  She has known them longer than she has known Julie, yet is nicer to her paid friend than she is to the grandparents of her child.  Just when I think I cannot watch this show for another minute, the lies start to unravel and I am back in.

The fake doctor is talking about how the GPS is broken so the Coast Guard is finding someone to help guide them in.  Important to note that Bethenny said the Coast Guard had to rescue them, and Tim Russell, the captain who eventually came to get them, confirmed that the GPS was in fact not broken. It was all faked for television and they were never in danger.

Bethenny was in fear of her life, yet the episode shows it was never true. The other couple has gone to bed for the night and one must wonder, if you were in danger of dying would a caption not wake up his passengers and tell them what is happening?  The fake doctor is clearly explaining to Bethenny the Coast Guard is sending someone to help them get back.

Bethenny told Ellen that the Coast Guard had to come and save them.  It is a lie.  The Coast Guard was NEVER coming because they were NEVER in any danger.  We hear the USCG tell the fake doctor a towboat is coming.  The boat coming is Tim Russell.  It is a calm sea, the sun is shining, and everyone got a good sleep. Where is the big emergency Bethenny?

How can you take this woman or her show seriously?  She lied about this trip for months, and hurt an innocent man in the process.  It takes the Coast Guard hours to get someone to come out and help them, but they fail to tell us it’s because everyone refused to go out an help them because it was fake, there was no danger, and it would be a waste of their time.

Tim Russell was told she was a big star, and could he come out.  He thought the whole thing sounded fishy, lol, but he went because at the end of the day he would have been upset had they somehow really needed help. He headed out with his wife along for the ride, and for being a decent guy, Bethenny took a crap all over him.  Her selfishness has no bounds.

They get to the dock and Bethenny does not acknowledge or thank Mr. Russell.  Jason shakes his hand, but nothing from Bethenny.  He “saved” her, she offers to sleep with him to show her gratitude, but does not have the common courtesy to acknowledge him.  Could it be that she did, and it was edited out?  Was Mr. Russell humiliated for talking to the press?

Thet leave the dock and life goes on.  After months of a build up to their horror at sea, there was no footage to create the story she had told, so they had to go with what they had, which was nothing. I think the weeks of fighting leading up to this episode was all faked to take the attention off of the lost at sea fiasco.  She dug a hole and crawled her way out.

All the tabloids are talking about how her marriage is in trouble and not about how she lied about her boat trip, disrespected the United States Coast Guard, and hurt the reputation of an honest working man.  I’m thinking of all the crap she puts in her Skinnygirl Margarita, there must be some hallucinogenic included because she drinks a lot and she is delusional.

The fake doctor comes for breakfast and it’s stupid. They are skimming over her lies so whatever.  Next week we will be back to Bethenny blaming her mother for everything bad in her life and the vicious cycle of the lies of Bethenny will continue.  I’ll be watching because it’s a train wreck you cannot look away from.  Nothing about Bethenny is keeping it real.