Shahs of Sunset: Who Does That?

We start off with the final moments of the Vegas trip for Reza’s birthday. Everyone is packed and ready to go except for MJ, who has not even started to pack.  You have to love MJ.  I have not figured her out yet but we know she is a sloppy drunk and seems to have absolutely no sense of time.  She is a classic spoil rich girl, with equal parts funny and loyal.

Everyone is bagging on GG and MJ is sticking up for her.  We learn that GG has left Vegas on her own, which I think is silly and dramatic, but also something I would do.  I’m bailing before I stay somewhere that is not comfortable for me.  Reza, Anita and Asa are all talking bad about GG and frankly it’s not cute.  It’s rude and Asa is a bitch about it.

MJ is having lunch with GG back home.  GG is so pretty.  One must wonder however how she manages to walk around with such a heavy chip on her shoulder.  To compare Vegas to high school seems like a little bit of a cop out, but if that’s how she feels then good for her that she is owning it.  MJ is trying to make sure everything gets worked out.

What I like about MJ is that she is a girls girl.  She wants peace and values her relationships with girlfriends above relationships with men.  She is strong and feisty, while still appearing to be a little lazy.  GG is trying to build a touch girl image, yet she is super sensitive and looks like she might cry any moment.  She is vulnerable which adds to her beauty.

The bottom line here is that these are real relationships.  I have the peacemaker friend, the tough girl friend, and like Asa, the troublemaker friend.  Its reality television so one can assume it‘s scripted to some degree, but the characters that we meeting seem real to me.

Sammy is working on a project for Mohammed who we know as Lisa’s friend and Pandora’s fake Godfather on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  He seems like an interesting guy but come on.  Cut your hair and get a girlfriend that is not a child.  You look silly.

There is the mandatory naked Mike shot so can I get an Amen? This is a nice looking guy.  He is trying hard to rebuild his career after it collapsed in Vegas.  Sidebar:  As he leaves his apartment his kisses the Mezuzah which I loved.  That they are openly Jewish in a real way, matters.

Sidebar:  There are different levels of Judaism, but when it comes to TV, the most popular Jew is a “Seinfeld” Jew.  We all know they are Jewish because it’s implied, but they never really do anything to prove they are Jewish.  From that perspective, kissing a Mezuzah is a big deal.

We’re spending time with Asa and seriously, I just don’t get her. She seems very judgmental of GG which is weird since there is no way her music is paying for her Benz, her house, or her diamond water.  She appears to be supported by her daddy so why so much hate to GG?

Asa is very pretty. She has an interesting vibe about her that I find both authentic and fake.  I want to spend time with her, yet find her not trustworthy.  She is intimidating somehow which is odd because she is also very peaceful.  It’s going to take me a little longer to get her.

Reza and MJ are at work, they are fun together, and I like their friendship. MJ is real which you have to love.  She is traumatized by her parents divorce and trying to a build a life void of men, but she’d be a fun girlfriend.  You would be on your toes, never knowing what she will do.

Reza is a shark when showing a property, while MJ sells like she could care less.  I personally like MJ’s style because she makes me feel like it will be okay, but I like Reza because if I buy the house he will be my friend and we’ll hang out.  Combined they are the perfect real estate agent.

Mike learns the deal he was working on is not going to close and it’s sad.  He seems like a good guy but it would appear that desperation is creeping in.  He needs to chill, take a deep breath, and know that something good is coming.  He works hard and must be patient.

MJ has arranged a meeting between Reza and GG.  Reza is pissed that GG was mean to his friend Anita, but it is more than that.  She bailed on his birthday party, which is not cool.  This scene is tough for me because I am in love with Reza so it will be hard to not take sides on this one.

GG lets us know she has anger issues and has been in therapy.  It would appear that GG and Drita are cut from the same cloth.  GG is perfect on the outside and cracked on the inside, which is sad.  I really like her and hope she can reign it in because a man won’t handle it well.

Unless she hooks up with a mob boss!  He might find her loose cannon side to be a turn on.  I like GG and hope she manages to let the criticism of her roll off her back.  She seems like a sweet girl and while she is perfect reality television, I hope the business does not bite her in the ass.

Mike is out for lunch with his mom and I’m digging it.  I want this relationship with my son when he is a man.  She seems very sweet but oddly accepting of his slutty ways.  I bet it’s all for TV and privately she is loosing her patience and wants to plan a wedding already. Let’s go Mike.

Sammy is at Mohammed’s, but is he wearing an ascot in the interview?  I love Sammy.  He is a sweet and gentle man.  He’s also a shark. He is being paid $30K to watch the house and he is investing the money in getting the job done early with the hope of impressing Mohammed.

Not taking the $30K, when he has said he needs, is the sign of either a genius or a moron. Time will tell which one. Sidebar: Bravo keeps showing commercials for The Real Housewives of New Jersey and let me just say: Oh. My. God! This season may revitalize the franchise.

Reza spends $8000 on champagne and caviar for his party.  These people are living large.  Reza is unapologetic for his life and it is sexy.  The gang is all coming in and it looks like a fun time.  Reza is divine, Asa looks beautiful, and Anita is a bitch on rails.  Not cool Anita.

GG is keeping her cool and just ignoring her, which is a good thing, but Anita is walking around to everyone at the party complaining about GG and saying how it’s “getting out of hand”. Anita is a troublemaker and pretty or not, needs to check herself because she is a guest, not a Shah.

In the end GG is a lady.  She has a temper to be sure, but she is inherently good. She catches herself getting crazed and tries to stop it.  Her handling of Anita was really sweet and I think my instincts about GG are right on. She is fabulous and in the end the haters suck it.  GG rocks.

I love this show and these people are good television.  As the criticism fades, and people realize they are not going anywhere, we can settle in and enjoy the ride.  This show gets better with each episode.  We never know what is coming, but we know they are keeping it real.