Game Change: A Tabloid Movie

I finally got around to watching the HBO film “Game Change” and it was interesting.  By interesting of course I mean if you are into tabloid television, it is really interesting.  I happen to love me a little tabloid folic so it was good fun.  That said, it was fluff and I didn’t take it too seriously.

The actual footage from the McCain /Palin campaign was nicely included, but did they really think we were going to believe the scenes with Sarah and Todd talking to each other in bed?  Really?  Even stupid people are not that dumb. That said, it altered my view of McCain and Palin.

Let’s take the politics out of the equation and just talk about the people. Keeping in mind that this movie was a Hollywood story not a documentary, you cannot alter the fact that John McCain is a hero.  This man has put his life on the line for our freedom and that is a truly remarkable thing.

As for Game Change, when Palin goes to see him after they lose the election and he blows off her speaking, then comes back to tell her she did great, I loved him. She helped tarnish his image, yet he thanked her and was gracious.  They ended the film with a decent, kind, and warm McCain.

When the film showed Palin greeting kids with special needs it was lovely, and when she spoke to her son in Iraq I cried. Think what you want about Palin, you cannot deny there is something magical about her.  I have met Sarah and can tell you her charisma is palpable.

The older I get the more I find myself having more conservative views.  I will always believe in a woman’s right to choose, I will always support gay marriage, and I will always believe that when choosing who is best to run my country, I must choose the best person not the best political party.

I will never vote for John McCain or Sarah Palin.  I would however shake their hands, embrace them, and let them know that while as politicians they scare the crap out of me, as people I think they are fascinating I admire them both in different ways for different reasons.

Game Change was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.  It had some compelling moments, and some scenes than humanized people that many people categorize as villains.  The world of politics is scary because it is personal. The decisions of our fellow man carve out our future.

I like politics and am never one to shy away from discussing them.  In this election year I will be my most informed.  I have been reading and listening more, which makes the entire process more important and more personal.  Every voice matters and I value mine.

In the end Game Change reminds us voting counts.  It also reminded me John McCain is a hero who made an unfortunate choice, and Sarah Palin was in over her head.  That said, and with politics aside, I liked them both.  Don’t waste your vote.  Educate yourself, and the keep faith.