Shahs of Sunset – Why So Much Hate?

I am not ashamed to tell you that I like this show.  It would be a lie, but I am not ashamed.  Truth is, I love it.  This is a fun, entertaining, mindless and fun romp into lives of a group of friends that happen to Persian.  Their religions vary, but that does not matter because being Persian trumps all.

I have written about this show a couple of times and received some harsh criticism.  For saying I liked it I was called un-American, a bad Jew, a terrorist, and it was even suggested I shut the hell up and move to Iran. People can certainly be charming.  By people of course I mean douchebags.

I am not an idiot.  I don’t think is a documentary about of the life of Persians in Los Angeles.  It is just entertainment and while not for everyone, quite funny. Remove all political and religious agendas from your view and you’ll see it is simply an hour of silliness with some important lessons thrown in.

Episode two aired tonight and let me just say I still love it.  I am no longer going to apologize for thinking this show is funny and the people on it are both interesting and endearing.  I am going to watch it and I am going to blog about it.  To all the haters I say thanks for sharing, now go suck it.

We start this week planning for a weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate the birthday of Reza.  Reza is the break out star in my opinion.  He is handsome, charming, articulate, full of one liners, totally quotable, and an openly fabulous gay man.  I want to hang out with him because he is awesome.

Reza, MJ and GG are at lunch bagging on Mike’s whore from the pool party, as well as Asa and her wardrobe.  They are cackling hens, but it’s harmless and all in good fun.  After breakfast Reza talks to his dad and it’s sweet but sad because they are estranged due to his sexuality.

Everyone is getting ready for the trip and we see that MJ is a clotheshorse, and very attached to her things. Reza is a baller, GG needs a stylist to get dressed, and Asa’s home is fabulous.  I want to know what it says on the painting behind her bed because it’s really beautiful.

Asa gets picked up first, then GG.  There is tension between these two and you can feel it.  GG clearly has a chip on her shoulder but we don’t know why because it can’t just be from the last dinner.  GG is beautiful and yet insecure, while Asa is her own kind of beauty, and very secure.

Mike is picked up next and GG is going to try to make him jealous. Won’t happen.  I was unsure about Asa last week because I did not get her, but 10 minutes into this week I have officially made up my mind about her.  She is authentic, real, honest, and someone I would want to know.

The party bus has now picked everyone up and they are on their way to the airport, where they are flying private to Vegas.  MJ is hammered, but lets us know she feels sorry for people who have fly commercial.  Reza is all about celebrating, and Mike is letting us know he is Mr. Vegas.

On the plane GG is anxiety ridden about flying, and having a moment.  By moment of course I mean she is dramatic and pissed off nobody is paying attention to her or her drama.  I love GG.  She’s got balls, and with a little courage, she will come into her own and be truly fabulous.

The suite they have at the Aria is beyond phenomenal.  Everyone is ready to party and you can’t not think this is a fun group.  They are all going from room to room checking in on each other and it’s cure.  MJ is still drinking and while Sammy is low key in this episode, he is super cute.

Asa looks gorgeous, Reza is divine, and Mike looks like sex.  This man is a Persian Jewish Ricky Martin and I want to lick him.  Too much?  Whatever. He is gorgeous.  GG and MJ join the group and I can’t stop laughing. GG is stunning, MJ is hammered and looking like the morning after.

Mike orders Cristal for the table and GG says she likes Dom better.  She is a little pretentious which is entertaining.  Reza bets her she can’t tell the difference, and then tells the camera he could give her pee and seltzer water and she would think its Dom.  I freaking love this show.

The girls are making fun of Reza’s friend Anita, who is stunning, and you know things are going to get ugly.  They are now at a club and drinking like there is no tomorrow.  GG shows up with her meaningless lover and I don’t get it.  He has a nice body but he makes no sense to me.

GG brings him to make Mike jealous and even tells the camera Mike will be insecure when he sees Chris’s body.  Turns out Mike actually knows Chris, and he could care less.  It’s just too funny.  GG is in love with Mike and I get it because I too am in love with Mike.  Her plan is an epic failure.

MJ is beyond hammered.  She is in the club vomiting on the couch and trying to take her dress off.  I know it’s sad to watch someone struggle, but this is seriously funny.  MJ is a sloppy and messy drunk but I can’t get enough.  Asa has taken it upon herself to take care of her.

Asa does not want Reza to miss his party, so she takes MJ back to the room to babysit. Asa is good people.  MJ thinks she lost her phone and purse and when Reza asks her what color it was, she says “expensive”.  I want to go to Vegas with MJ, as long as Asa is with us.

Reza puts MJ in the shower and turns the water on to sober her up.  Back at the club, the gang parties on without Reza.  MJ is now in the bath getting burned by hot water, and I am laughing at her and really hope she is watching and laughing at herself.  She is hilarious while sloshed.

In the morning Reza goes in Mike’s room looking where he has hidden his whore, and it is perfection.  MJ turns up looking fresh as a daisy after her brutal night, and GG comes in with her boy toy. I don’t get it. He has a nice body, but she can do better. It’s embarrassing.

GG loves Mike and she needs to own it and stop with the games.  Reza is praising Asa for taking care of MJ, and it is pissing GG off.  GG is not happy unless everyone is focused on GG, but it could be the editing.  By editing of course I mean GG is a diva, but that will change soon enough.

GG is a sweet girl who is a love bitch.  She is not a bitch normally, only when dealing with love.  She needs to send her lover packing, tell Mike she loves him, and get on with it.  We’ve all been there and know how she feels.  The power of love is strong and they’ll be fine.  Be brave GG.

Reza takes GG and Asa to the spa so they can make up and it’s sweet.  Reza is a doll.  He tells the girls his mother offered him $500K to get married and all I have to say to that, is let’s go Reza.  I will marry you because you, and we can have extramarital sex.  Win Win and I’m in.

Asa apologizes to GG for the fight at dinner but I don’t think she owed her an apology.  GG was a bitch and Asa got caught in the daggers of her love for Mike.  I like Asa this week because I understand her more, but I’ve got GG’s back.  Love makes you crazy and ready to fight.

Sidebar:  I love how everyone kisses on this show.  When the men great each other and kiss, I think it’s really great.  There is something warm and genuine about it and I must tell you I have started to add the word June after everyone’s name.  I am digging this show, and going Persian!

At the pool GG is having a fight with Reza’s friend Anita and it’s lame.  GG is picking fights with everyone and I feel bad for Anita.  I like it when explaining things to MJ, she goes back and forth between Farsi and English.  GG is now officially labeled a bitch.  I’m a bitch, it’s all good.

It’s okay for women to be bitchy.  She is over the top but I’m sure at some point we’ll see her kind side.  We’ll still think she is bitchy, but in the respect way, not unattractive way.  I like her energy so I’m sticking by her.  By sticking by her of course I mean for one more week.

MJ is once again sporting her curlers.  I dig this chick.  They go to dinner without GG.  She comes late and nobody wants to sit next to her because she is looking for a fight. She takes a seat next to Mike, her Prince Charming, and everyone is ignoring her.

The shut out is on.  They are all so immature I feel bad for her.  Everyone is fawning over Anita, which is stupid.  She is a guest not a star and they are turning their back on GG.  MJ is feeling bad about what’s happening, but it’s too little too late. GG leaves the dinner.

It’s drama to be sure, but fabulous. This week we saw Asa in her true light, which is lovely.  We learn MJ should not drink so much, and Reza is delicious.  We also learned GG needs to mellow out if she wants us to like her.  I love this show and will be here next week, keeping it real.