Reality Rants

Just a few things to share…….

American Idol:  I think its lame Jermaine Jones got kicked off.  Did he lie? Yes.  Does he have a criminal record?  Yes.  Should American Idol have done a better job of researching him?  Yes.  Lots of kids would have loved his spot and they chose him.  He was never going to win, but why humiliate him in such a public way?  We dug him and his mom.  He did what any person would do if faced with losing their dreams.  He did what he needed to do to keep his dream alive.  He was wrong, but the mistake here lies on American idol.  Shame on them for not finding out about him earlier.

Dance Moms:  Abby lee is a lunatic and I would not let my kid dance there. She is rude, disrespectful and disgusting.  So are the mothers of the children who are on this show.  They are insanely talented, but I don’t think being on this show is worth it.  Last week Abby dressed them up like showgirls and they looked naked.  I was mortified for these little girls.  The moms are fame whores and their teacher is truly a crazy person.  This show is addictive, but it also needs to be canceled and these moms need a reality check.

Real Housewives of Atlanta:  These chicks are boring.  None of them are friends anymore and by anymore of course I mean they never really were. They fight because they hate each other, the storylines don’t work, and watching is a waste of time.  Atlanta needs to be cancelled.  Phaedra should be given her own show about her funeral parlor, and NeNe needs to be a regular on Glee.  The rest of them can simply go away.  The magic, which was minimal at best, is gone.

Real Housewives of Orange County:  This show is tired.  I watched it this week and simply do not understand why these women are on television.  They need to move on with their lives by getting a life.  They all have the mentality of teenage mean girls and it’s not cute.  Vicki’s daughter has a major surgery and all Vicki can do it talk about herself and death.  Vicki is a bitch, the rest are ridiculous, and they are embarrassing themselves by sleeping with the devil for their 15 minutes.

Retail Therapy with Jeff Lewis:  I love Jeff, Jenni and Zoila, but this show just did not work for me.  Jeff is hilarious, but his life is more interesting than his work.  The couple featured on the premier was horrible and I imagine they regret showing their dysfunctional marriage on television.  The better hang hang onto her husband because after this, nobody else will ever take her on.  There were funny moments and I will watch, but it is not enough for me to blog it.

Fashion Star:  Really?  The premise of this show is good but it just does not work.  Elle is stunning but sucks as a host.  Nicole Richie is not a fashion icon, and I don’t get her here.  After one show however, I have determined I adore Jessica Simpson.  I loved her Newlywed show and think she is good television.  She is gorgeous and super funny.  If I watch this show again, and I’m honestly not sure I can do it, Simpson will be the only reason I tune in because she’s magic.

Reality television has nothing to do with keeping it real.