Is “Bethenny Gets Divorced” Coming to Bravo?

Remember when Bethenny was funny and you were pulling for her to find love and happiness?  Neither do I.  She has been so unappealing for so long that it’s impossible to now remember a time when I liked her.  She is bad television, and her show has now become focused entirely on how her marriage is falling apart.  Bad enough she belittles her husband non-stop, but she is now humiliating him in a way that is uncomfortable to watch.

She spends an hour a week showing the world that she is simply not well, and is screwed up in a way that is not fixable.  She has been in fake therapy for three years on this show and she is no farther along in terms of her issues than when she started.  She found all the things in Jason that she thought she would never find, and she spends what appears to be every waking moment sabotaging it.  She wants fame not happiness.

The show this week starts with Bethenny at a shoot with her “friends”, who happen to work for her, and they immediately talk about boobs.  It then transitions to us learning Jason and Bethenny got into a series of bad fights about his birthday.  Apparently she worked hard to plan the perfect weekend, but it was a big birthday with him turning 40, and she did not bother to include his parents, which turned out to be a big deal.

I’m not sure why Jason was surprised by the omission.  Bethenny does not like his parents and never has.  She is selfish and this was about her, not him.  He is their only child and for him to turn 40 without them there is simply not nice.  The thing is, Bethenny is not nice so it makes perfect sense to me.  The past couple of weeks have shown moments of the old Bethenny but she is now officially gone.  There is no good Bethenny.

I am sick of Bethenny complaining about her marriage and her “friends” supporting her when they know she is wrong.  She is paying people to share her opinion and that her therapist does not see how severely unstable she is, is mindboggling.  She is systematically breaking the spirit and heart of her husband, who is the father of her child, and that child will see this one day.  It is going to bite Bethenny in her boney ass.

Bethenny is meeting with the architect, without Jason, and it is scripted to make us think she is a brilliant businesswoman, but I didn’t get that.  What it showed me is that Bethenny is planning to live alone in this new apartment and so all the problems need to be taken care of by her, without Jason, because he will not be in the picture for much longer.  I cannot watch this show without feeling bad about the complete humiliation of Jason.

Bethenny is now shopping for furniture without Jason.  He calls and tries hard to have a say.  He is on speaker phone, complains that things are not moving quickly to the designers, and Bethenny blows him off, he hangs up, and she is back in control.  This show is painful to watch and I am hanging on until the big shipwreck lie, then I might check out.  The architect comes and Bethenny is again trying to be an impressive businesswoman.

Sidebar:  The designers are lovely and I like their vibe.  The architect is a fame whore who clearly loves being on television and is always looking for his reflection so he can see himself.  Bethenny meets with a chiropractor about stress in her neck and the entire scene is mortifying.  She embarrasses herself and the doctor.  She is not cute, not funny, not charming. She is annoying, silly, and no longer good television.

Bethenny is out with her staff and you can’t help but notice that she seems to have lost half her hair.  You can tell which scenes she has extensions in, and which one she is natural in.  Her natural hair is balding and so extensions might want to become a daily thing for her.  She is revamping her website and wants to make sure her staff is planning to stay at their jobs and not leaving because they are both dealing with long distance relationships.

I feel bad for Julie. She has been nothing but loyal to this woman and Bethenny seems to not care about her anymore.  She is the Godmother to Bryn, yet she was not invited to the friends weekend away in the Hamptons. Bethenny is not nice to Julie and it’s sad to see.  This girl thought she would be a part of the empire and in the end she is an assistant and nothing more. Bethenny will sell her down the river in a heartbeat, and it’s coming.

Bethenny is at fake therapy with her unethical actor therapist and it’s lame. She is crying, complaining, and we are being set up for “Bethenny Getting Divorced”, coming this fall to Bravo.  She is putting her marriage on public display in a way that will be, in my opinion, impossible to recover from.  How can Jason watch this and not be pissed off?  She has not only cut off his balls, but chopped them, fried them, and fed them to the dog.

She is sharing their fights, without Jason there to defend himself, and it’s wrong.  He has however agreed to go on the therapy boat ride, which we now know was a complete lie and scripted fake drama.  Julie agrees to pose in underwear for Bethenny and it’s sad that this girl is so insecure that she lets this woman treat her so poorly.  Bethenny is now out with another friend.  By friend of course I mean she pays her to work for her.

The show ends with Bethenny and Jason fighting and it’s just sad.  I write about this show, and am clearly not a fan of this woman, but I felt sad for her in the last scene.  She is unable to enjoy her happiness and seems to always be looking for a fight.  I spend a lot of time wanting to slap her when I watch this show, but when Jason walked away left her crying, I found myself wanting to hug her.  Who thought that would ever happen?

Just when I am starting to feel sorry for her, it’s over.  Jason and Bethenny are fighting in front of the baby and it’s sad, but I notice Jason has not shaved and is scruffy.  Cut to scenes from next week, which is supposed to be the next day on the boat, and he has a full on beard.  If Bravo is going to script this crap, then get an editor that is better at continuity.  This show sucks and so does Bethenny.  I’m just keeping it real.