Bethenny Sells Out Her Marriage

We are headed to the Hamptons.  Again.  But not before we meet Bethenny’s new driver/security guy.  We are five minutes in and she crosses the line, talking to him about lingerie and feminine hygiene.  She also lets us know she is inappropriate because it’s funny.  Bethenny does not know funny.

I’m not sure why 10 minutes of riding in the car with her is interesting, but whatever.  What about anything she does is interesting?  Bethenny is running through the sprinklers with Bryn and it is adorable. She is funny and cute and you forget for a minute that she is a fame whore, and hot mess.

Jason arrives with two assistants and lets her know he ran over a family of 4 raccoons on the way to the beach.  Bethenny is mortified he did not get out of the car and check on them.  The father of her child should get out of the car on a freeway and risk getting rabies?  Good call Bethenny.

Important to note that nothing is sacred with this woman and she will use any and all opportunities to embarrass and humiliate her husband.  It’s horrible to watch and you can’t but think it’s all orchestrated and they will be divorced by the end of the year.  How does he put up with her?

Bethenny is out for lunch with Jason, and her friends, and she immediately is talking about genitals.  She sets up the sister of her assistant/fake friend Julie with her business partner, but is creepy when talking about it.  Bethenny is bored in her marriage and cannot hide it.

She is holding a party for Skinny Girl, laughing, having fun, and being called an idiot by her husband.  Good times.  The next day Jason tells her she looks beautiful but her hat is big, and she slams him.  She is so completely rude to him it is now uncomfortable to watch.  She is disgusting.

Bethenny is talking about being single and Jason calls her out on it, and the driver sides with Jason, which is just awkward.  They bicker nonstop, in front of everyone, and this show is grating on my last nerve.  They need to wrap it up, admit its over, and stop dragging us through the mud.

Their relationship is truly unfortunate.  She constantly talks about how she wants a better childhood for her daughter, but this is the legacy she is creating for her?.  This little girl will grow up to watch her mother but off her father’s balls on a weekly basis. Pathetic.

Jason and Bethenny are off to lunch together with Cookie and they feel forced.  There is no chemistry between them and it feels like a brother and sister out for the day.  Or maybe it’s like two sisters since Bethenny has stripped Jason of all his manlihood and turned him into a woman.

There is a Skinny Girl flag on the boat they are taking to lunch, which is ridiculous.  We laugh at Bethenny not with her.  Bethenny is proud of herself for not freaking out when there is a problem with the boat and you have to laugh.  She is not freaked out because she read it in the script.

Sidebar:  Why does Bethenny take a Skinny Girl gift bag to every person she meets with?  Why does she feel the need to compare herself to celebrities who are actually talented?  Why does she refer to the new apartment as her apartment?  Does she know she is married?

Jason and Bethenny are meeting with the contractor/designer/architect about their new apartment and I am bored.  It’s such a transparent space filler that it’s lame.  Why would they set up her office in their new home is beyond me since Jason complains all the time the office staff is there.

Does Bethenny need to take a security guard to her massage appointment?  I guess she needs him for the same reasons she talks to him about sex in front of strangers, it’s in the script.  Bethenny has sold her soul to the devil and I cannot imagine all the money in the world is worth it.

Important to note, not all homeless people think they are cats, and therefore use the sand box in a public park as a toilet.  Bethenny is a pig. She is having a scripted drink break with Julie so they can reminisce about how far they have come, how life has changed, and how great Bethenny is.

Julie keeps saying it’s the truth when talking about how much Bethenny has become a family person and it’s insane.  Who writes this crap?  Jason’s parents are there, and I simply love those people.  It makes me so sad that she is such a complete and total bitch to them.  So sad.

Bethenny is at her fake therapy appointment and lets her fame whore doctor know Jason and Bryn are away visiting his parents. She talks about missing Bryn, then lies and says she also misses Jason.  Bethenny cares about her baby and herself, not her husband, and she can’t hide it.

The “Doctor” is telling her about a workshop at sea/lost at sea exercise for them to go on and I am laughing my ass off.  We all know she lied about the lost at sea story, I confirmed it myself with the boat captain and the Coast Guard, so whatever Bethenny.  You are full of crap.

Bethenny sees Jason in the morning and he asked her if she likes him on that day.  Bethenny says they don’t like each other, and I cannot imagine what they are doing.  They are mean to each other, obnoxious, rude, impatient, and purposely hurtful.  Both of them are.

I feel like I just sat through an hour of watching a marriage disintegrate, and it is upsetting.  I don’t think Bethenny has any idea what she is doing. She has broken this man and sadly he may in fact be the only man that will put up with her crap.  Although it appears perhaps he’s done.

I can’t tell if they are done and the show is scripting the end of her marriage, or if they are living happily ever after and this is the scripted darkness before the light. Either way it is an unfortunate documentation to leave for their child.  Neither Bethenny or Jason are keeping it real.