Celebrity Apprentice – Week 3 Fizzles

Last week was explosive and exciting, but this week fizzled out.  Many people thought I was too harsh on Lisa Lampanelli last week and that’s cool. I wasn’t, but it’s cool.  My opinions on a few people changed this week, which is the best part of reality television.  You can go from being a huge fan to not so much in a week.  I love this show, think it’s a good cast, and after week three I am still firmly pulling for Teresa and Penn.

This week starts with Penn giving his winnings to his charity of choice, Opportunity Village.  He cried, I cried, and we are reminded why this show is so great.  I had never heard of this charity, but they now have a fan and supporter in me. The power of television is a great thing.  Gotti is out, and we are back on task with the celebs making two live window displays for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.  Not too exciting.

The men pick George as project manager because he’s gay and apparently that makes him a genius when it comes to fashion.  Over with the women, Teresa wants to do it, but Diana steps in and says she wants to do it.  Big mouthed Aubrey says she thinks Diana should do it, and then the team goes with her. Teresa backed down and was classy so good on her.  I think it was a bitchy team move and think Aubrey is a tool.

Debbie Gibson annoys the hell out of me and while I get Clay is a sweet man, he seems a little bitchy to me.  He used the confessional camera as an opportunity to be a little mean, which is too bad.  I like him, and his fans have let me know he’s a doll, but still, he’s coming across as not so nice to me.  George is in over his head and it’s sweet.  He’s 400 years old, a little slower than the other men, and you know he’ll be fired.

Somebody needs to tell Arsenio that wearing a suit with a baseball hat looks ridiculous.  George is lovely, Adam is trying too hard to be funny, everyone is ignoring Lou, and Penn is my new favorite on the men’s team.  Dee heads out to get his finger checked and it turns out he needs surgery.  He goes under the knife and it’s brutal, but good for him.  The men seem to have a better idea than the girls, but it’s early.

Debbie wants to be one of the models and is told she it too old which was hilarious, and Lou is just not coming across well here.  He is sweet, and clearly being blown off by his team, but he’s the Hulk and acting more like a baby.  Lisa was a total bitch last week and has shut the hell up this week. She is playing it safe which is good because she turned off a lot of people last week, including myself.  Good for her.

Arsenio is taking over the dressing of the windows because he thinks his gay team members are missing the fashion gene.  Penn suggests they use twins so both their windows have the same models, sort of.  Eric Trump comes to see the men’s team and even though Clay has a smile on his face, he is mean about George.  If someone is killing you, just because they smile while they do it, does not make them a nice guy.  Clay is sweet but mean.

Sidebar:  I’m a little bored.  Last week was really exciting and this week is dragging by.  Nothing interesting is happening, the task is boring, and I find myself wanting to skip the task and go straight to the boardroom.  There are missing pictures for the women, and sign mounting issues for the men.  No matter how much dramatic music they give us, this is not dramatic. Important to note that Aubrey needs to put on a bra.

The task is over and George is stumbling though his presentation.  He is so damn cute but he’s getting fired and it’s sad because he is truly tied to his charity which is so important to him.  I can’t listen to him and am jumping to the women.  The women’s presentation is annoying so I am going to skip over that one too and go to boardroom.  In the boardroom it’s time for Diana to stumble on her words.  I’m about done.

Teresa looks beautiful, Debbi looks weird, Aubrey likes the sound of her own voice, and for some reason everyone thinks Lisa is one of the best human beings on the planet.  I don’t get these chicks. I don’t think any of them like each other for real and their fake love is a load of crap.  Dee is back, having had surgery and it’s cool.  It’s time to sell each other out and Clay says George was great, but Eric calls him out for laughing at George.

Clay back peddles and tries to make himself look like a nice guy, but there is a bitch factor to Clay that even the Trumps see.  Listening to George is painful.  He talks slowly and calmly and I love his voice, but the end is near, being dragged out, and once again I cannot help but describe this week as boring. Ivanka loved it all, blah, blah, blah, the women win, and we still have 30 minutes to watch, knowing George will get canned.

Seriously Trump?  Another 30 minutes of silliness just to get to George getting the boot?  If they are going to do a boring task, then make the show an hour.  There was nothing of interest here and I feel like I wasted my time.  I could have watched the first 10 minutes, and the last 10 minutes, and not missed anything.  Next week looks like it will be better so we’ll see.  I love you Trump, but let’s cut the crap and keep it real.