Dancing With The Stars Presents: Who is that?

The best thing about the end of the Bachelor, besides the fact that it is finally over, is that it’s Dancing With The Stars season.  I dig this show and thought last years was excellent in terms of celebrity contestants.  The new cast was announced this morning, and it’s rather disappointing.  After I asked who a few times, I transitioned to who cares?

My personal favorites are Gladys Knight for the women and William Levy for the men.  I love Tom Bergeron and think Brooke Burke is a dingbat, so that is always fun to watch.  I keep waiting for the killer cast to come, and after last season thought they were on their way to greatness, but one again we will watch a only a couple of cool people.

It’s always fun to watch a bunch of people try to tango and rumba into another 15 minutes of fame.  Some will be great, some will be desperate, some will be embarrassing, and all will be blogged about.  This show is mindless fun and I’m looking forward to it.  Before they even take one step on the dance floor, I am on team Gladys Knight.

Presenting the newest cast members of ABC’s Who is that?

Jaleel White – He is Urkel and that’s all he is so this will be fun to watch.  I’m guessing it takes 3 weeks for them to put him in an Urkel outfit.

Gavin DeGraw – He’s a singer, but not really one that puts himself out there so people won’t really know about him, or care, so he’ll go quickly.

Jack Wagner – He’s been around forever and he will stay for as long as it takes for Heather Locklear to show up then we will send him home. She would have been the better contestant.

William Levy – This is the Cuban Brad Pitt, absolutely gorgeous, and better stay around at least until h takes his shirt off, at least a dozen times.

Donald Driver – He is a football player for the greatest team in America, the Green Bay Packers, so I hope he is good and sticks around.

Katherine Jenkins – She is an opera singer.  Okay.  See ya Katherine.

Sherri Shepherd – The View star has wanted to do this show for a long time and will have massive fan support, so we’ll be seeing her for a while whether she can dance or not.

Melissa Gilbert – For reasons I cannot explain, she bugs me.  I’m sure she is hoping to follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Grey.  She is nostalgic, but interesting.

Roshon Fegan – Obligatory Disney kid.  Who cares?

Maria Menounos – She may be the most annoying woman on television.  I will vote for Gilbert just so she does not make it through.

Martina Navratilova – Tennis superstar and icon.  From the dresses to the dancing, I’m guessing it will be rather humiliating.

Gladys Knight – Motown Goddess and legend.  I like this woman and hope she can cut a rug as well as she cuts a record.  Go Gladys!

I will be blogging about this show and I look forward to talking about the hits and misses.  There will be more misses than hits, but perhaps we’ll be surprised and there will be some greatness.  At the very least we can talk about how dumb Brooke is, how brilliant tom is, how desperate Melissa is, and how dancing for 15 minutes is keeping it real.